International Litigation Management Set To Span Four Different Continents Around The Globe

Litigation firms across the country are expanding to serve a global community. In light of globalization, Pursley Law Firm continues to strengthen their commitment to the highest level of client service.

Online PR News – 25-May-2009 – – HOUSTON, TEXAS - Pursley Law Firm recently responded to the globalization of law firms by reaffirming their commitment to client service in the Texas area and worldwide. As litigation management is set to spread to an all time distance, with many services spanning four different continents, Pursley is ready to meet the challenge with the same quality representation that it has long offered within Texas.

Many legal scholars predicted the increasing globalization of law firms. It is a natural result of increased world globalization: as companies reach across shores and span continents, they need lawyers who understand the multifaceted issues they will face. They need legal counsel as global as they are, but with an understanding of international law as well as the law of each individual country. Having individual law offices in each country is just not practical; it doesn't make sense to explain situations to multiple small firms when a single explanation to a larger company will suffice.

However, in the midst of this expansion some companies have expressed concern that the quality of legal representation at home might suffer. All evidence thus far indicates that, if anything, legal representation promises to improve. Companies like Pursley, while accepting the challenge of law practice abroad, are maintaining their standards at home. Their lawyers bring back what they have experienced abroad, and they use that knowledge to benefit clients whose businesses are not international, or are in the process of becoming international.

"Globalization is an amazing challenge and opportunity for law firms," says Jack Pursley, Firm Manager of Pursley Law Firm, PLLC. The law firm has long provided top Houston truck accident lawyers, business attorneys, and other legal counsel in the area around Houston. Personal injury attorney professionals from Pursley have been asked to assist in cases taken on by other law firms in Texas, and are also licensed to practice law in other areas of the United States.

Firms like Pursley are rapidly becoming the norm within the legal profession. It is no longer enough to have a strong regional presence; in order to rank among the top law firms in an area, a broader presence is necessary. Pursley, for instance, offers Houston divorce lawyers, but they are able to offer counsel throughout a wider area. This breadth has helped make them a top law office in Texas, and has established the Pursley legal team throughout the country. Their practice has also grown as a result, encompassing a very wide range of legal issues. However, because of the experienced lawyers they attract, firms like Pursley can offer high quality legal representation in all areas. Instead of stretching legal talent like some strictly local firms, they are able to expand capacity.

Pursley seems poised to enter the new era of global law firms with ease. "We embrace global litigation management, and look forward to its benefits for our clients," says Mr. Pursley. Most legal analysts agree that it is only a matter of time before globalization is the norm, but most also agree with Mr. Pursley: it will be a good thing for clients.

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