Pimp My Nintendo Launches Their Website on Nintendo Games like Super Mario

The company Pimp My Nintendo launched their fan site that is dedicated to all there is to Nintendo.

Online PR News – 01-August-2011 – – The company Pimp My Nintendo launched their fan site that is dedicated to all there is to Nintendo. Right from a collection of current and past videos on it to photos, games, cheats, reviews, and articles, their website pimpmynintendo.com is for all those avid gamers and gaming enthusiasts who enjoy playing the game and are looking for the best and the latest content on it. Considering the fact that it was Super Mario that heralded a new era in the gaming scene, people would love to know more about it and the company encourages users to share their content in the form of blogs and articles through the website. The thrill of playing this game remains unbeatable and unquestionable and most players have fond memories of the game even today. It was among the first ones that offered people a number of different themes and difficulty levels of game play along with the win of getting past the hurdles that the castle and the dragon presented to rescue a princess.

Visitors to the website can take a look at a photo where Super Mario dodges barrels that are thrown in succession by the massive and monstrous Donkey Kong. This photo shows the earliest versions of the game where the princess was not a part of the photo and it was released in the 1980s. At the turn of the century, the gaming scene changed and this game disappeared somewhere in the background. However, there are scores of people who love the game even today and look forward to playing it in an all-new style of presentation and with advanced graphics and themes.

The website has a number of flash-based Super Mario games that offer a rich variety in terms of the difficulty level, main plot, graphics, and themes. Some of the toughest online versions of the older NES games like Hardest Mario and other interesting games like Steampunk Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart Double Flash Mario Jump, Mario Match, Super Mario Bros Star Scramble, and other games like Super Mafia Land where the developers have designed various clones of the superhero with each variation having certain super powers and offering players an advantage, etc. can be played here.