Inferno solutions launching VPN Solutions along with Ebook

Inferno Solutions which is one of the best IT service Provider From Last 6 years Launching VPN solutions with VPN Which You can Fine Your answers for Questions like How to VPN or What Is VPN ?

Online PR News – 28-July-2011 – – Virtual private network refers to establishing a more robust & secure connection which is virtual & private with the main advantage of being more secured and reliable. VPN came into existence due to major breach of security in various protocols & services on internet & network infrastructure.In various services on the internet the data can be sniffed through sniffers in the local area network & confidential data like secure access codes & credentials might be sniffed & captured so vpn was a necessary implementation to prevent sniffing,packet capturing hence
leading to more secured environment and tunnel establishment in vpn

we can define vpn implmentation in very layman term like a person sitting in US can connect to a branch office in UK and transfer his or her data in encrypted tunnel using vpn network. In vpn there are 2 types of connection one is site to site connection & other is client to site connection.

In site to site connection the 2 firewalls or routers located at different
geographical areas can connect and establish a vpn tunnel between them making
the entire exchange of data secure and encrypted whereas in client to site
vpn connection only there is one vpn server and client connects to vpn
server from anywhere to exchange the data in encrypted tunnel.

There are various vpn methods like PPTP(Point to point protocol),IPSEC(Internet
Protocol Security),L2TP(Layer2 Tunneling Protocol), SSL (Secure Socket Layer) VPN etc. PPTP is a microsoft based protocol but very fast and less secure compared to IPSEC,L2TP & SSL vpn using more secured encryptions methods to transfer the data. VPN can be implemented much easily and without any cost on Linux and one can implement all the vpn technologies. We@inferno solutions provide extensive training on implementing all vpn technoglogies in our linux training and solutions. You can have a look on our linux course (

We have also our training kits on Linux & VPN specially available for implementing all vpn technologies including mobile vpn. Mobile vpn means you can connect to any vpn server using iphones,smart phones,android etc using all the methods like pptp,ipsec,l2tp & ssl. You can find our training kits on concentrating on vpn methods & implementation and our linux kit on So to conclude vpn has been a great technology helping securing the data transfer in a very robust & full proof way.

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