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07/28/2011 brings amazing savings of over 90% on most of the auction products. is one of the fastest growing online auction sites in India which provides users a safe and fair online bidding platform.

Online PR News – 28-July-2011 – – Mumbai, Maharashtra - Online auctions are becoming popular even in India as more and more customers have started exploring online shopping possibilities. Every customer today is cost conscious wanting to get the maximum mileage for the money spent on various consumer products. In this context, penny auction sites such as are gaining popularity. Given the fact that penny auctions are not very common in India, has done very well for itself by introducing the Indian online auction industry to this concept and becoming a popular auction site on the web within a very short time.
Online auction has always been looked at with suspicion by the Indian consumers because of the wide spread scams heard in the global market. However, unlike the other bidding sites, has won the trust of the users in India by providing a very fair and safe online auctioning platform. At auctions start at 10 paise and every time a new bid is placed, the auction amount is increased just by 10 paise. This makes the entire online bidding process easy. All that users need to do is to buy the bidding packages and click on the bid now button when ready. is a very user friendly website in which even first time user will be able to enjoy the bidding activity without any problem. All the products featured in this online auction site are also of the highest quality and come with manufacturer packing. Some of the top products featured in this website include mobile phones, computer peripherals, home theatre systems and much more. Products featured in this website are updated regularly so every time users login exciting new products will be on the auctions making this website not only the safest website but also an interesting online shopping spot. What makes this online auction site even more desirable is the astonishing savings made here. Winners of the auction save over 90% on the products cost by taking part in these biddings. To know more about this online bidding site please visit