Launch of 7 Seater Cars Evaluation Site Lauded by Individuals and Businesses Alike

The demand for high passenger capacity vehicles is no longer the exclusive domain of organizations in the transportation industry. Increasingly, businesses and individuals are looking into acquiring higher seat capacity vehicles.

Online PR News – 28-July-2011 – – The increasing demand for high passenger capacity vehicle was the impetus for the launch of, a website dedicated to exploring the concept of 7 seater cars and providing an evaluation framework to enable readers to ascertain which specific makes and models might be the one which their needs. 7 passenger vehicles are not necessarily new to the market, but what is new is the form of the vehicle. Traditionally the domain of vans or small buses, today's high seat capacity vehicles hail from a marketplace dominated by family oriented high capacity models that are perfectly at ease parked in a someone's driveway as it would be parked alongside a fleet of cars meant to serve the transportation needs of society.

The demand for higher capacity vehicles such as 7 seater cars is fueled by myriad sources, some expected and some coming as a surprise. The idea of evaluating 7 passenger vehicles feels like a process exclusive to businesses providing transportation services; however, a quick glance at the demographics of the interested will reveal that not only is the demand makeup more varied, it is also no longer exclusively transportation service in nature. A large part of the interest stems from families looking for more room, and small businesses looking to develop their own internal fleet of vehicles. Interior volume is now a high priority, but it wasn't always the case in years past.

The ubiquity of 4 door passenger vehicles lends itself to an easy evaluation; interested parties need only look over their neighbor's yard and begin a conversation to get the details on the pros and cons of specific models. Adjusting for bias, individuals can readily make an educated guess as to which make and model might suit their needs. Moreover, the online space is littered with reviews and advertisements for the four door family car; after all, such a vehicle has been the mainstay of drivers the world over. There are more four door automobiles on the planet than there are other styles combined.

In the past decade, the surge of interest in higher capacity vehicles gave rise to the invasion of the SUVs as many would like to call it. Even in Europe, whose populace eschews gas guzzling gigantic vehicles in favor of diminutive, petrol saving econoboxes, there is a growing emergence of higher profile SUVs as drivers begin to covet the interior space and layout that their North American brethren have enjoyed for so long. The introduction of third row seating into some vehicles has finally made 7 seater cars a reality. Not so long ago, the idea of a 7 seater vehicle would conjure images of a mini bus or a van at the very least. Today, there are 7 passenger vehicles that do not necessary conform to the profile of an unwieldy bus or van.

" makes sense of it all by providing the readers with incisive, relevant information that they can use and if necessary, build upon as they explore the market of 7 seater cars. There are numerous considerations unique to higher profile, high capacity vehicles that are not readily apparent to the uninitiated, and we cover those in detail for the benefit of our readers," explains E. Neher of Harris Lake Marketing, the publishers of

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