Landlord Faces $100,000 Fee For Removal Of Bed Bugs And Mold Problem; Finds Hope In New Product

Recently in Connecticut, An apartment complex has come under attack form every angle. Bed Bugs and toxic mold have found a home in many apartments and has the landlord scrambling to try and fix the costly problem.

Online PR News – 28-July-2011 – – has reported that, The Ansonia Apartments in Connecticut are experiencing some major health risk issues. Recent reports suggest that the problem has been on going and has even caused some tenants to send their sick children to stay with family in fear that they will get sick.

The problem started as a bed bug complaint a couple weeks ago. After failed attempts to fight off the bed bugs, they went to the landlord for help. The landlord tried to eliminate the problem on a small scale by calling in exterminator companies to treat only a few of the infested apartments. Reason being that the apartment owner doesn't have the funds to do all the rooms.

Well the problem just got bigger. Now reports of toxic mold have spread throughout the apartment complex and has the landlord up against a wall. The cost off professional mold remediation is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix a problem as big as he has.

The high cost don't just lie in the mold remediation products or the bed bug treatment. It has to do with the time and effort put forth into the process to eliminate it for good.

*countless man hours
*vouchers to pay for rooms of residents while remediation takes place
*residents getting fed up and leaving
*lengthy process for treatments due to drying times from use of harsh chemicals

These are all reasons that make the process frustrating and tie consuming, and in turn bankrupting the owner.

The positive spin is that, has stated that the landlord was contacted by an online company that has recently opened its availability to the general public. is a "green" technology company that is dedicated to creating superior non-toxic chemicals for a plethora of cleaning needs.

The products not only are less expensive that other products on the market, but boast that they formula:

*100% safe for the environment
*safe for use around kids and pets
*ready to use
*easy to use
*needs no long drying times or reapplications
*ready for immediate inhabitance

These benefits are going to save not only time and money but in this case save the landlords investment and in turn keep his tenants happy and safe.

Green Bean Buddy has also made it know that is having a sale to celebrate its release to the public. they are offering 30% off the mold removers and bed bug treatments.

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