Lisa Manyon:Award-Winning Marketing Consultant, Author and Copywriting Strategist Interviewed

New Book Just Released: “Success Rituals 2.0” with Valuable Insights & Advice From 30 Successful Women. The Book Contains Winning Habits Of High-Achieving Women. Interviewed by Deborah Dachinger.

Online PR News – 01-August-2011 – – “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” is an age-old ritual with a simple message: Eat something healthy every day to maintain good health. Did you know the essence of this simple advice can apply to the success of your business too? It sure can! Inside “Success Rituals 2.0” readers discover the winning habits of high-achieving women: Surprisingly simple things, that when done consistently, can dramatically improve the health of your business and support long-term success.

As a professional copywriter and marketing strategist, Lisa works primarily with spiritually oriented, female entrepreneurs to help them get their message out to the world in a big way. Learn more about Lisa Manyon her web site and zip into her media page to find out about speaking topics; in addition Lisa recently co-created the 24-7 Web Sales Course with Ali Brown.

Lisa Manyon, a co-author of “Success Ritual 2.0” is the President of Write On Creative Writing Services, Lisa helps entrepreneurs take their business and craft an authentic marketing message to their ideal client. As a marketing maniac and a press release magician, Lisa writes all the stuff that entrepreneurs are too busy to write and provides strategies that work. Lisa is a professional copywriter, master of matching a message to market the business owner’s authentic voice, and transforms dreams into manageable action steps for tangible results. Because she believes in continuing to grow as an expert, Lisa completed Ali Brown’s Marketing Mastery course, and the Millionaire Protégé Club. Lisa spent over 20 years in the marketing trenches and has successfully owned and run Write On ~ Creative Services since 2003. She is a co-author of the #1 Bestselling book “Success Rituals 2.0-Winning Habits of High-Achieving Women,” is the recipient of the Charles Schwab Financial Literacy Award, is featured in the world’s largest digital library of role models and mentors, won the 2011 APEX award for publication excellence and is an expert faculty member for Business Brilliance University.

Lisa Manyon has been featured in multiple magazine, radio interviews and television programs as a speaker, author and copywriting expert. She’s the go-to person for emerging trends and has a great success story. Lisa is currently interviewed by Deborah Dachinger on her “Dare to Dream” radio show where Lisa shares tips for marketing strategies and copywriting, and how entrepreneurs can double and triple their business and get their business name known.

Lisa Manyon, Write On ~ Creative Writing Services, LLC., Professional Copywriter & Marketing Strategist, 1.866.620.1428. Need some FRESH perspective on your project? A Manyon Marketing Makeover Strategy Session for individual consulting or coaching may be the marketing mojo you need.

Lisa’s specialty is teaching and assisting her clients in establishing credibility, helping customers to find them online, increasing search engine ranking and solid marketing techniques. As a press release critic, Lisa gets a business owner and their team to a proven publicity and press release system.

Lisa Manyon is interviewed on 92.5 KYHY or by podcast on Dachinger’s web site. Deborah Dachinger’s “Dare to Dream" radio show is a multi-award winning radio program that inspires listeners through solid guidance and great interviews. It’s a show that’s key during changing times as people are looking for a new way of living and doing business and finding ways to make their hopes and dreams come true. Each 1-hour radio segment gathers 1 million listeners and includes Deborah’s theme for the day and an interview guest who shares how they achieved their goals and dreams. Deborah is a top-notch interviewer with impressive guests. Her background is in talent/entertainment; she was a USC performing arts graduate who has been an award-winning actress and singer, a successful motivational speaker, a professional voice over artist for animations, PSA’s and narration. Along with Deborah’s radio career on “Dare to Dream,” she has an uplifting YouTube channel at: debontheradio, is an expert columnist for, a blog, and a contributor to inspirational books. Deborah is a member of AFTRA and SAG unions, the Evolutionary Business Council, and American Women in Media. Deborah came here to live out loud; her work is to utilize her voice to entertain and inspire. “Dare to Dream” airs WED-SUN on Indie 100, listen worldwide.