eLearners.com Offers 4 Tips for Those Looking to “Re-career”

Several industries will come to an end in the next decade, prompting many people to seek new careers through education

Online PR News – 27-July-2011 – – Hoboken, New Jersey – As part of its “ Guide to Online Education ” series, eLearners.com today released four tips for adults looking to go back to school. The information is particularly critical as the Bureau of Labor of Statistics (BLS) is predicting that several industries will come to an end in the next decade, leaving many with the need to switch industries and “re-career.” Those looking to “re-career” will likely turn to education, as a May 2011 Aslanian eLearning Poll found that prospective students interested in online master’s degrees, online bachelor’s degrees and online certificates are driven primarily by career change or advancement.

The following are four tips from eLearners.com for those considering a career change or looking for career advancement by going back to school:

1. Think strategically about your career – The BLS has identified several industries that will likely cease to exist by 2018, including many careers in textiles, audio and video equipment manufacturing and paper manufacturing. Those looking to go back to school may want to avoid these industries, as they may not be around in the future.


2. Look for growth opportunities – The BLS also identified industries that have are experiencing rapid growth, including management consulting, education services and home health care services. Those looking to go back to school would be well served to consider MBA programs, healthcare degrees or earning an online master’s in education.

3. Evaluate time, motivation and priorities – Prospective students need to honestly evaluate the time they can devote to going back to school, especially if they plan to do so online. Earning a degree requires self-motivation, discipline and strong organization skills to balance all the other priorities in their lives.

4. Research the school’s qualifications – Prospective students should check that an accrediting body accredits the school they are considering. This will help ensure the program they choose is legitimate, whether a four-year university or an accredited online school offers the program. Additionally, students should look for any degree-specific requirements from professional associations within their chosen career path to ensure future employers will accept their degree.

The eLearners.com “Guide to Online Learning” series provides more useful information to adults looking to go back to school, including tips on how to cope with a layoff or how to balance school and family obligations. Those interested in more information can visit http://www.elearners.com/guide/.

To learn more about online college degrees, courses and schools, prospective students should visit www.eLearners.com.

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