Active Security Group Offers Home Security Systems In Essex,London, UK

Just a few years ago installing a home security system was still considered an expensive luxury. Taking the usual precautions like checking windows and doors are securely locked before leaving home and maybe leaving lights/radio on was an every day practise for the average working person.

Online PR News – 27-July-2011 – – ACTIVE SECURITY OFFERS Home Security IN ESSEX….

The merging of two South East Companies in 1998 resulted in the launch of Active Security. For the last 13 years this company has served the whole of the County of Essex and beyond. Their continued growth and success has earned them a reputation to be proud of in the industry. This well established company offers home Security Systems for all types of properties from flats to mansions, private property to local authorities.
Active Security’s diverse customer base is why this company has produced many different home security/home alarm systems.

This is a security company that really does care about home security in the community. Working with the local authorities’ keeps them informed of the latest crime statistics and having this knowledge influences the design and installation of their electronic security and safety systems. It also is detrimental to the advice they give to their inquiring customers.

This company is well known in the community and are often seen attending local events to give help and advice to the public. At one of these summer events this year a reporter who was interviewing local businesses asked one of the representatives from Active Security, “Do you think your company’s growth and success is based on the crime rate in the area?” The reporter claimed he answered and quoted, “Of course the crime rate is relevant, because if there was no crime we wouldn’t have a job. However, I think that only plays a small part; as there are many security companies in Essex. So no, I would say that Active Security’s customer base which forms the foundations of our company is the one of the main reasons. Our satisfied customers always come back to us and they refer us to their friends, relatives and colleagues.”

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