Mike Filsaime Reveals His Evergreen Business System for Generating Over $300k Monthly Passive Income

In 2006 he shook up the Internet Marketing world with Butterfly Marketing but Mike Filsaime's Evergreen Business System is set to be his biggest gamechanger to date.

Online PR News – 27-July-2011 – – Mike Filsaime is poised to unleash his Evergreen Business System onto the market. Using this system Mike Filsaime routinely makes $300k-$500k per month, virtually on autopilot, using automated webinars.

The system took nine (9) months to develop and, originally, was never intended to be offered to the public but savvy Internet Marketers saw this system in action and immediately recognized its potential. He received numerous requests from individuals to purchase this system and two business owners paid him $10,000 to gain access to the system and have it installed. Their investment has been recouped many times over.

The system itself was actually inspired by a report written by Internet Marketing expert, Rich Schefren called "Evergreen Event-Driven Marketing: An Ongoing, Automated, Exciting Process That Continually And Persistently Creates Buyers Of Your Products And Services". In this special report, which Rich Schefren made available to members of his Founder's Club, he discusses in detail Strategic Profits' internal system for automating events using webinar-based event marketing.

In essence, Mike Filsaime has taken the theory of this report to create his Evergreen Business System. He developed this system from the ground up working with another programmer from Spain, Hector Yague. The system is centred on a software program called Automated Webinar Generator. However, you'd be mistaken to think this system was just about automated webinars.

There are several products already on the market that facilitate the production of automated webinars but none of them offer the backend that the Evergreen Business System offers. For instance, one of the outstanding features about this software is its level of built-in analytics which empowers the user to optimize the results achieved by their webinar and so maximize the level of income earned.

The system is very sophisticated and yet has been designed so that its highly intuitive and even a novice would find it easy to use. Naturally, full training is provided.

Mike Filsaime recently gave a presentation on his Evergreen Business System at an event hosted by another well-known Internet Marketer, Trey Smith. Individuals paid $2,700 to attend this event.

Mike Filsaime has now released a video of this exclusive hour-long presentation which you can gain access to along with a copy of Rich Schefren’s report – “Evergreen Event-Driven Marketing” by clicking the URL below:


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