Attention UK Beauty Salon Owners!

UK Beauty Salons the UK’s leading beauty salons blog is looking for UK salons to share their tips and offers to be publicised on their blog. All UK beauty salons can also claim a free business listing on the directory.

Online PR News – 01-August-2011 – – How would you like to share your beauty tips and advice, and have a listing for your beauty salon business that will help you to generate more customers which will also help get your page further up on the Google listings?

You can now advertise and promote your beauty salon for free on the UK’s fastest growing beauty blog.

But why would you want to do this?

Well, firstly, it’s free! What better reason is there to start with? But seriously, there are other reasons apart from the free advertisement.

You can achieve a higher amount of internet traffic to your website by using this simple promotional technique.

All you need to do is click on the link below and fill in your details on the form provided! Simple!

But some of you may be a little weary of clicking before you know exactly what you will be asked for so I am here to tell you what is needed to help you with your business grow stronger in the world of internet marketing.

This is a short list of all you will need to enter on the form and you will see that it is really easy.

• Your business name.
• Contact details.
• Address of business.
• A brief description of your business
• A link to your website.

Once the form has been filled out by yourself, you can then start creating and generating more interest in your beauty salon by adding your own beauty articles, offers that you are currently having at your salon and any news that you may wish to add.

This can then all be done on a regular basis to keep your business at the forefront of the industry which in turn will help people to recognise your business name more often. The more they remember you, the more they will recommend you and then that will mean even more customers flocking to see what you are all about.

This page can even be for if you would just like to share information or experiences within the beauty area with other salon owners or the general public who are always searching for news and products within this industry.

This tool is so useful and will help your business to expand at a faster pace than you would expect.

Thinking about what you can write about?

• News and events at your salon.
• Training or certificates that your staff have.
• New products or treatments.
• Updated contact numbers or web links.
• General information and help for other people.

Your credibility will soon be boosted because people like to learn about new things and products and the beauty industry is constantly growing at a rapid speed now.

Achieving a better ranking on Google is a key to every businesses success and so you would be mad to not take up this free offer.

Marketing your business in the right way will be the key to your continued trade and boosting your customer numbers too.

So what’s stopping you?

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