RhinoAssembly.com Extends Its Expertise to the Aerospace Industry

RhinoAssembly.com is a solution provider offering engineered products to the aerospace manufacturing industry. Their primary focus & expertise is Fastening Solutions, Drilling Technology, & Custom Ergonomic Lift Assist Devices.

Online PR News – 25-May-2009 – – North Carolina, USA, 24th May 2009: In addition to their core business of supplying tightening & material handling products to manufacturers that assemble automotive, trucking, and earth moving equipment, RhinoAssembly.com has recently become quite involved in providing assembly solutions to the aerospace industry.

Beginning with a partnership in 2006 with Lubbering (Herzebrock, Germany; Troy, Pennsylvania, USA) the breadth of high quality product that RhinoAssembly.com can now offer to the makers of aerospace & space technology equipment has greatly increased. Just over the past 12 months Rhino Assembly Corporation has been involved in providing unique engineered solutions to several new start up projects including Boeing 787, Honda Aero, and the Cessna Columbus. Start up projects are more prone to accept and implement the cutting edge technology RhinoAssembly.com can offer because they are working from a relatively clean sheet of paper.

"New techniques and strategies can be implemented on these projects because there is less 'we've always done it this way' inertia for them to battle internally. People tend to be more open to new ideas" remarks Chuck Perry, one of Rhino Assembly's project managers.

These new ideas have proven to offer real savings in several areas. When working with different material stacks, adaptive drilling technology can significantly reduce cycle time by accurately detecting the surface of each material – whether it be carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium – and then instantly and automatically the speed of the drill is optimized by an on board computer. "No longer is it necessary to be forced to set up a constant speed required to drill through the lowest common denominator of material. Adaptive drilling technology allows one to view the drilling set up process in a different way – the properties of one material in a stack are now completely independent of another material in that same stack. These days, speed wins."

Safety and ergonomics is another area where RhinoAssembly.com has been able to reduce costs for aerospace manufacturers. Through the partnership of Rhino Assembly and Honsa Tools, they have been able to provide patented riveters that are vibration reduced without sacrificing weight or power. "The aerospace assembly industry has discovered that less vibration, less weight and less sound pressure translates into fewer injuries and lower costs. Our tools deliver exactly this" said Tom Honsa, President of Honsa Ergonomic Technologies.