Become a YouTube Superstar with Penny Auction Smokoo

The hit Penny Auction site is auctioning off a device that could catapult you to superstar status

Online PR News – 27-July-2011 – – People wanting to have the next ‘big hit’ on YouTube should sign up to Smokoo today. The hit Penny Auction site is auctioning off a device that could catapult you to superstar status. The device allows people to film everything they see through their eyes and not through a traditional viewfinder. People can now capture the funny, scary, crazy moments when they arise without missing a second of the action. Uploading your ‘just captured’ videos on to YouTube has never been easier. Beat others to the punch and watch the videos gain momentum around cyberspace. Instant fame beckons. The Looxcie Camcorder gets you prepared for that killer video and Smokoo makes it affordable and easy to buy.

Smokoo is a trusted brand in online shopping. The site is famous for selling iPads, iPhones, cars and holidays for incredible savings of up to 99% on the retail price. Through Smokoo’s innovative auction system users are able to save astronomical amounts on the products and experiences they want. People wishing to become the next YouTube superstar can buy the Looxcie Camcorder by signing up on Smokoo today for free. Signing up takes only a few seconds and each new user is given 2 welcome credits for use on any auction of their choosing.

Smokoo auctions off products that range from the latest Apple gadgets, the best pc tablets, top of the range homeware and lifestyle products, cars and all the best smartphones. Users that shop on Smokoo save an average of 94.6% on the retail price of high-end products.

Smokoo hit the headlines around the globe recently for being the first Penny Auction site to auction off a trip to the edge of space. The auction was dubbed Out of this World by the media and proved to live up to the title. The auction was secured by a user with the username AnjaM. All users’ information is confidential. The company takes a serious view on consumer security. Smokoo’s software is the best in the industry. The company provides a stable and secure platform for consumers to enjoy their Smokoo experience.

Freedom to Capture Life’s Greatest Moments!
Regular people buy cameras to remember the landmark moments in their lives. Others buy cameras in hopes of becoming the next Steven Spielberg. Then there’s the group who buy cameras to capture something special. Those people who know that seismic event is just around the corner and they will be prepared when it strikes. The Looxcie Camcorder sees everything you see. With the Looxcie Camcorder you simply press the Instant Clip button on the headset to save a clip of the last thirty seconds you experienced. To share the moment for instant fame, simply use the Instant Share feature that allows you to send your clips straight through to YouTube.

Smokoo welcomes new customers.

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