Samsung Communication Centre NSW gets the top dealership award

Samsung Communications Centre NSW has received the No 1 National Dealership Award for its sales, customer service and technical support. This has been yet another achievement for its Australia operations and particularly, of the New South Wales dealership for selling and supporting the after-sales of its phone systems and other solutions.

Online PR News – 31-July-2011 – – Samsung, the world renowned company providing consumer electronics, telephony and IT products and solutions, has won accolades for its innovative products from its clients. In recognition of its efforts to provide varied solutions to the people, its New South Wales based dealership, the Samsung Communication Centre, has won the National Dealership Award. It has been ranked as no. 1 dealer. This adds yet another feather to the cap of the Communications Centre which has been providing the phone systems and solutions in Australia for the last 21 years. Earlier, the company had been awarded the Tasmanian Government contract for providing IP telephony infrastructure for it websites, spreading across different locations.

The Centre has received this award for excellence in Sales, Customer service and Technical Support. The award has put the Centre into limelight for these services and is a path-breaking development for a company that is known essentially for its innovative products. The website of the Centre lists its various solutions and products. The main solutions offered are for small, medium and large businesses. Further, these solutions are of the nature of messaging solutions, unified communications solutions, solutions for mobile and remote users, fixed line and mobiles and also the VoIP phone system solutions.

The products offered by the company include the IP telephony based phone systems, Officeserve handsets, refurbished equipment and the equipment for mobility and call centre needs of the organizations. The website of the company also provides the feature of getting the instant free quote from the phone system experts to its visitors. This is a major enabling feature which can be used by the customers to get the answers to their queries. Another major feature offered is that of booking the service request online. This feature is the outcome of the need felt by the company to redress the issues faced by the customers using the online medium. The expert technician from the company will provide the solution online obviating the need to make a personal visit in most of the cases.

It is in recognition of these support features that the company has received the top honour of being recognised as no. 1 National dealer.