Expendable Edibles Website Now Featuring Celebrated Chef “Quick Treatments”

Surprising, inventive and easy, “Quick Treatments” are gourmet rescues freshly compiled weekly by co-founders Marlene Samuels and Nancy Gershman from their popular chef interviews on The Expendable Edibles Blog

Online PR News – 28-July-2011 – – Expendable Edibles –conceived as a recipe website for “unlovable” ingredients, trimmings or previously enjoyed dishes most often thrown away or neglected by gourmands – will now feature gourmet “Quick Treatments” in all six of its major categories: Once-Cooked, Negligible Quantities, Past Peak, Stems Skins & Stalks, Nearly Expired and Ill-Fated Creations.

To home cooks who frequent http://www.ExpendableEdibles.com, the most outstanding feature of Quick Treatments is the format. In contrast to Expendable Edibles’ core recipes which include ingredient lists plus step-by-step instructions, “Quick Treatments are creative rescues shared conversationally,” says Expendable Edibles food philosopher Nancy Gershman. “All Quick Treatments are drawn from our blog interviews with professional chefs, recipe developers, cookbook authors and culinary school faculty,” adds Gershman. “Not to mention the occasional food historian, journalist and sustainability expert who loves food but hates waste.”

Another Quick Treatments hallmark is seeing firsthand how spontaneity and creativity evolves from necessity. Chef Danny Hechtman of Ken’s Diner, for instance, delights in his “phenomenal” brisket-filled matzo balls, a recipe created only when there is a surplus of cooked brisket in the kitchen. Chef Jodi Janisse of Café Soeurette talks about how making croquettes out of leftover mashed potatoes and cod brings “your creativity into play.”
“What fans enjoy best is how masterfully these rescues are created on the fly,” says Expendable Edibles’ food expert Marlene Samuels. For a dinner party, Bobbi Marstellar invents “ravioli pie” drizzled with cider cream sauce - which only a short time earlier was a glob of boiled ravioli squares (packaged without the usual flour-dusted wax paper separators).

Regular visitors of this specialty website will continue to see the same world-class preparatory, cooking and storage tips in Quick Treatments regularly featured on Expendable Edibles’ recipe pages. Pages will continue to include the occasional suggestion for cookware or appliances; only this time suggestions will come directly from celebrated chefs such as Martha Rose Schulman, Rozanne Gold, and Mitchell Davis of The James Beard Foundation, among others.