Catholic Musician Crosses Denominations in “Stations” with “The Way of the Cross”

New Catholic music from singer/songwriter Donna Cori Gibson will help listeners to experience the passion of Christ. Her album, “The Way of the Cross” includes 14 songs, or “stations.” Sure to turn heads from many directions, be they fans of EWTN or TBN.

Online PR News – 27-July-2011 – Seattle, WA – A new concept for the Christian contemporary music market, 'The Way of the Cross' offers a song for each “station” of the cross of Christ. A traditional Lenten devotion, walking the 14 Stations of the Cross has been practiced by Christians for centuries and revisits the events of the final hours of Jesus, much like what was represented visually in Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion.” Donna’s “musical visit” makes this pilgrimage possible for all Christians, anytime, anywhere.

The Passion.

Originally from NY’s secular music market, Donna realized that the music she was producing and most music heard in the world today only serves to distract people from life’s true goal, which is to “love God with your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.” Today she is committed to only creating music that will help listeners to reach that goal, setting traditional prayers to contemporary sounding music to help listeners get them “stuck” in their heads and, hopefully, their hearts.

Donna is offering a free download of the album’s first track, “Behold the Man,” at It’s been said of Donna, “I don't know of one of her songs that I don't like. Her music really touches me and to hear her sing just makes me want to worship the Lord." (Jeff Cavins, TV host/EWTN)

The album “The Way of the Cross” is due to be released August, 2011 as the latest collection of musical prayers by Donna Cori Gibson. A tour of the same name is already being scheduled for Lent of 2012.

From Seattle, Washington, Donna Cori Gibson has been in Catholic music ministry for 16 years and has sold over 100,000 CDs. She is most noted for singing the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Musical Rosary, and prayers of the saints. She can be heard in interview and song on radio stations nationally and even globally on Mother Angelica's EWTN Global Catholic Network and sister short-wave station WEWN.

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