How Mortgage Brokers Are Avoiding $1,000's In Lost Sales Using Non-Toxic Rust Removal Technology

Many big brokers are having trouble selling not only because of this down economy. Most are less willing to put the time and money into detail work and overlook the basics that may have them sitting on their assets.

Online PR News – 26-July-2011 – – has recently published an article that has the answer to a dilemma most don't even know is a problem. The case in point is targeted to the Business owners who make their money in the housing market.

The profits that stand to be made are a fraction of what they were 4 years ago, thus most brokers are not willing to invest the time and money into the flipping process in fear that they will not get it back.

Curb appeal is the target of the article and how it can be a deal-ender before the client is even out of the car.The challenge is getting the people to stop an inquire about a listing. Most brokers and investors fail to take the time in the detail work that is a huge contributing factor to the final decision of the buyer.

Green Bean Buddy has reported that one of the biggest turn-offs to potential buyers is rust. Rust can give the impression that the house may be old and outdated. This is far from the truth but, its just the fact that rust is associated with age and deterioration.

"Rust can build up almost anywhere like:

* sidewalks
* driveways
* awnings
* soffits and eves
* rain gutters
* wall from sprinklers

rust removal has become a multi-million dollar a year business to general maintenance contractors and a huge thorn in the side of profit margins of investors. The fact is rust is not going anywhere and will always be an issue. How you deal with the issue will be the difference in being a successful and happy investor or a broke and perturbed one.

"Most brokers and investors spend thousands of dollars on rust removers and maintenance contractors to handle this job for them. Which entails:

* more material costs
* long clean-up process
* harsh odors within the house
* re-applications for tough areas
* dangers around plants and animals"

Green Bean Buddy has reported that recently an online company has released a product that has , in the past only been available privately to a select few. Rusterizer is the non-toxic rust remover that was introduced publicly by and is already the #1 non-toxic rust remover on the open market. The Rusterizer guarantees that effectiveness is unmatched and has promised some pretty big results.

"Recently has announced that they have gone public with their cutting edge non-toxic technology. The exclusive product has is a proven winner in the war against rust. It boasts:

* Non-toxic
* Eliminates rust in seconds
* no harsh odor
* usable indoors/outdoors
* safe around plants and animals

Green Bean Buddy goes on to report that MyCleaningProducts is celebrating its #1 ranking and its release to the public by giving 30% off for a limited time. Rust is not going anywhere so the release of a non-toxic product that will save countless hours of labor and thousands of dollars is perfect for this economy where every penny counts.

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