New in Town - Tucson's own euforia™ all-natural thousand-layer cake

Simple ingredients, old-world legacy, honestly delicious

Online PR News – 30-July-2011 – – Tucson, July 2011 - euforia™ thousand-layer cake is a new-to-market Dutch-Indonesian artisan delicacy. Born and baked in Tucson, Arizona, by resident Kartika Castonguay of Kartika's Kitchen, euforia™ boasts the simplest of ingredients: eggs, butter, sugar, flour, milk, fragrant spices/vanilla, and salt, and is enjoyed both by those who are intrigued by the old world baked goods, as well as those who are making the pilgrimage back to all-natural, preservative-free gourmet delicacies.

euforia™ is also available in a flourless variety for people who are sensitive to the gluten found in wheat flour, making euforia one of the most decadent gluten-free desserts on the market.

Kartika started selling euforia™ in January 2011 as a tribute to her late mother, whose penchant for baking the Dutch-Indonesian classic cake left a legacy for Kartika to follow. Kartika's mother passed away in 2007, and creating a company around one of her mother's traditions was a way to honor the memories.

“My quest started with the recipe she left behind and the memory of helping her bake at our home kitchen in Indonesia. I tinkered with all-natural ingredients locally available in America. Over time, I was able to revive this delicacy and rekindle its sublime euphoria flavor!”

euforia™ cake attends the 2011 Summer Fancy Food Show!

We're pleased to announce that euforia™ cake was among the newest merchants showcasing specialty food in the New Brands for the Shelf pavilion at the 2011 Summer Fancy Food Show, which this year was located in Washington, DC. The event was held July 10-12 and samples of euforia™ cake were available to the estimated 24,000 show attendees.

About euforia™:
euforia™ is produced by Kartika's Kitchen in Tucson, Arizona. Kartika's Kitchen is an artisanal baking company dedicated to spreading a thousand delights to its customers through its euforia™ brand of thousand-layer spice cakes. Our cakes come in a variety of flavors and can be ordered *gluten-free. More information is available at