Perth Coffee Service Announces One Hundred Free Coffees at Your Workplace

Perth coffee service announces one hundred free coffees at your workplace

Online PR News – 30-July-2011 – – Perth Coffee Service announces one hundred free coffees at your workplace. There are many more offers such as free coffee machine installation, no service charges, free weekly cleaning, no contract and no upfront costs. Coffee machine Perth ( ) provides an automatic coffee machine that will produce a cappuccino in 20 seconds with the press of a button.

“You might have faced frequent repairs, high service charges, tasteless coffee, frustrating cleaning systems, delay’s in getting coffee and a host of other troubles with your old workplace coffee machine ( ). Now, it’s time to replace your ineffective coffee machine with the new office coffee machine Perth ( ), which produces a cappuccino in 20 seconds by grinding coffee fresh and automatically froths fresh milk without making a mess. We will provide a coffee service that you will love in your workplace and we will give you your first 100 cups free. All you have to do is register your details in a form that is available in our website, which is used to analyze whether you qualify for this amazing Free Office Coffee Machine offer or not”, says a spokesperson for Perth coffee service.

Nowadays, office coffee machines can cause several ongoing problems and easy disrupts the busy working environment within the office. One of the biggest issues are the ongoing hefty charges for its maintenance and cleaning process. However, now you can get rid of these worthless coffee machines and replace with a fully automatic free coffee machine on a pay per cup deal. With the new office machines, there will be no delay in getting coffee and no frequent repairs. So, replace your old coffee machines with a fully automatic one and start to save money today!

“Now, you never have to worry about cleaning or maintaining the coffee machine, because we clean and service the machine weekly and if for some reason it does need repairing, we will be there within hours of you calling and if we can’t fix it, we will place with another machine for you so you can keep on grinding without any downtime. Moreover, we supply a mini fridge to hold milk at the correct temperature for free”, adds the spokesperson.

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Perth Office Coffee Machine Service provides a fully automatic office coffee machine along with several offers such as one hundred free coffee’s, free coffee machine installation, no service charge and much more.

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