Braasch Biotech Invited to Present at BIT World Congress of Vaccines
26 July 2011
Dr. Keith Haffer, President and CSO of Braasch Biotech LLC, has been invited to present pre-clinical results of the firm’s anti-hormone vaccine technologies at the BIT's 4th Annual World Congress of Vaccine-2012, Beijing, China. The topic of the presentation will be: Anti-Somatostatin Vaccines: Cross Platform Utilization for Treatment of Metabolic Conditions. Dr. Haffer will also chair a session on Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial Fish Vaccines. Cross platform utilization of vaccination is a novel concept developed by Braasch based upon their patented technologies which specifically target the archetype hormone Somatostatin. Since this hormone is present in all vertebrates, similar immune response to vaccination have been observed in fish, poultry, rodents, cattle, swine, sheep, horses, dogs and cats. These animal models mirror expected results in humans and provide an in-life correlate for fine-tuning of age-dependent doses, dose schedules and adjuvant selection. Concerning therapeutic treatment of metabolic conditions, Braasch’s vaccines have been shown to stimulate enhanced growth hormone levels, Insulin-like Growth Factor type 1 levels, increased metabolism and significant weight loss. In livestock models, as a result of enhanced natural hormone levels, increased milk production in dairy cows, higher livability in weight gain in pigs, have all been observed. Braasch Biotech is executing a proactive strategy to continue to build and strengthen a diverse and competitive intellectual property portfolio that provides the company and its partners with a strong proprietary position in the therapeutic vaccine space. The company was recently issued two US patent and has filed additional patents in the US and Europe for applications of its technologies for obesity, diabetes type 2, myocardial diseases and Rett Syndrome. About Braasch Biotech LLC. Braasch Biotech, LLC is a privately preclinical-stage vaccine company that utilizes chimeric somatostatin proteins in optimized adjuvant systems for immunologically increasing endogenous Growth Hormone and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), resulting in enhanced livestock productivity and therapeutic treatment of human metabolic conditions. For additional information, please visit – Contact Jeralyn Kay Braasch 605-376-8752 jeralyn@