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Psychologists claim that if you're a bit deluded about your spouse/partner this can actually help to save or improve your relationship.

Online PR News – 27-July-2011 – –, a top website on relationship advice specializing or saving marriages, recently posted an entry on the site titled "Blind Delusional Love Will Last". The post which goes into much detail about love, especially blind love explains how a lot of couples are very happy using this approach in their relationship.

"Delusional Love Will Last" was an interesting post to research and write," says Jason Adams, founder of the site. "Not only does that article give an amazing insight into love and relationships, but it also explains how a person can really apply this techinque in their relationship".

Psychologists have been able to show from a scientific perspective how loving blindly actually helps people in relationships. A recent study revealed the results from studying 222 couples for the first three years of marriage.

Founder of says "the study shed some light on why people who are really adored by their mate feel better about themselves and a have happier relationship. Mr. Adams goes on to further dissect the study in great detail in the post and truly explains that sometimes "delusion is bliss".

Founder Adams writes in the post: "Instead of looking at it as delusional I choose to look at it as idealistic. I firmly believe that fact that I'm so into my wife and think she's awesome helps us to have a happy and healthy relationship".

The information is written in a way that is easy to understand and used in your relationship right away. Said Adams, "if you're looking for an easy way to save or improve your relationship then this information is a must read".

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