Guarantor Loans Company Opens Up Contact Methods

Guarantor Loans Company, a well established UK loan provider has recently been extending the methods available to customers who wish to contact the finance company.

Online PR News – 26-July-2011 – – guarantor loans Company specialises in guarantor loans and has seen a month on month increase in the number of customers seeking for and applying for this type of loan product; in response to this they have opened up and expanded their contact methods to make it easier for customers to get hold of a professional agent. This is especially useful if a customer has questions relating to an existing application or if they need some more information before submitting their application. A spokesman for Guarantor Loans Company said “Our main goal is to provide customer service which exceeds all expectations, by providing as many methods for our customers to contact us as possible we feel that we are once again upping our customer service levels so that we can serve our customers as best as possible”.

The company prides itself on responding to all customer requests very swiftly. An email is usually responded to within minutes and there are now a variety of contact methods for customers to use;

1) Email
2) Online web chat service
3) Free phone (for customers who have made an application)
4) Fax
5) Online question submission

Email and web chat have been the most common and useful routes for customers to use up to now, but the addition of a free phone contact number for customers who have already made an application is a great addition when people need information straight away.

Whilst the company has always strove to keep costs down by being a mainly web based service with professional agents on hand via. web chat and email, customers who have applied sometimes want another more traditional contact route for when they can’t access the internet or they simply wish to speak to an advisor. It’s noted that many customers who use an online service initially then wish to follow up the process with a ‘more human’ call to an advisor where they can discuss matters freely and discuss their circumstances in more detail.

An agent for Guarantor Loans Company said “It’s great and convenient for both parties; talking to customers online, but sometimes the customer wants to get something across to us that can’t be conveyed very well by text alone. Sometimes it’s easier to misconstrue something written down than by listening to the tone of voice when the customer is speaking”.

If you want to find out more about what is a guarantor loan or if you want to contact guarantor loans company please visit their Contact Page which covers all the contact methods available.

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