Solve storage problems online- Great new site offers the best self storage facilities with state

Solve storage problems online- Great new site offers the best self storage facilities with state of the art storage units, even climate controlled storage!

Online PR News – 26-July-2011 – – Did you know that one in every ten U.S. households rents self storage facilities and uses storage units? Even climate controlled storage facilities are in much demand for the use of food retailers. This is because of many factors, the main influence being the trend of moving. More than 40 million moves take place in U.S.A. every year. Apart from this the number of marriages and divorces taking place, also give rise to the need for self storage, not to mention deaths. These are only a few events affecting residential use of storage units. There is also the use of storage facilities by small and big businesses. Commercially, these storage units are used for the storage of excess inventory et al. Even institutions of education like public schools use these facilities for the storage of old student records and books. It is no wonder at all that the U.S. is the one country in the world which holds more than 80% of the self storage business! One is completely justified in calling the self storage business a thriving industry in the U.S.A.

Storage units of all kinds are available to the public. Some of these mini storage businesses also offer climate controlled storage units also, if the goods that are stored are perishable. The goods stored can be accessed by the customers whenever they want and the tenants are allowed to use their own locks and keys in many of these facilities. This self storage business, also called mini storage, has evolved into an industry by itself in both urban and rural America. More than 2.35 billion square feet of self storage exists in the United States which is three times the size of Manhattan Island! And all this space under secure lock and key! There are facilities that provide increased levels of security too like alarm systems for individual doors, secure access cards and proximity detectors for double security and some of these companies even provide biometric thumbprint recognition systems for entry so that only the customer has access to the storage unit!

In the words of Ken Fry, V.P. Local Marketing, The Best Storage Places, “At Best Storage Places, we understand that storage needs can be very different from person to person. For instance, an outdoor sports enthusiast might need storage space for RVs and Boats with fuel pumps and service facilities and electrical points for charging of batteries. This has to be outdoor storage space and it has to be secure so that no one can tamper with the vehicles in question. There are many specialized storage facilities that cater to this need. Another kind of storage need could be for a large department store that needs refrigerated storage space for meats, cheeses and vegetables and fruits. Climate controlled storage units are also available! Anyone searching for self storage facilities is often flooded with choices but there is no site that ensures only credible, authorized and professional storage facilities. Thus the idea of was born. Our site does just what the name promises. Only the very best of storage facilities to cater to every need are listed here!”