Bed Bug Bully Reaches Out To Several States In Crisis

Recently a emergency meeting was called in Columbus Ohio to discuss the outbreak of bed bugs throughout the US. Several states are pleading for financial aid from the government.

Online PR News – 26-July-2011 – – The representatives at have recently published an article about the reoccurrence of bed bugs throughout the nation. It is reported that several states have been asking for assistance in eradicating the Bed Bugs. The help stems from the high costs and the extreme failure rate that are associated with treatment of the pests.

The high failure rate experienced by most states is partly due to the fact that most bed bug sprays have been made illegal and taken off the market by the government due to the adverse side-effects from the toxic and sometimes lethal chemicals that make them such a good bed bug removal method.

"Recent technologies have surfaced that have previously only been available exclusively to major corporations, the technology is now readily available to the public for safe use."

"What Challenges Business Owners Have Faced…"

"The use of most Bed Bug treatments is a harsh and extremely unpleasant experience for not only the bed bugs, they entail:

* harmful chemicals
* harsh odors
* toxic residual
* long drying times
* repeat applications
* dangerous work conditions

"These factors have many business owners such as hotels, motels, hospitals, and movie theaters losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in time and lost revenue due to:

* Closing of rooms and theaters
* Scared clients
* lengthy removal process
* countless labor hours
* expensive material costs

"The Problems “Solution”…

The non-toxic solution to the problem has been introduced by a “green” online company called, The technology in question is the #1 non-toxic bed bug treatment on the open market."

What Makes This Product Any Better?

* 100% All natural
* Non-toxic, means its safe for use around kids and pets
* one time application
* east to apply
* no harsh odor, eliminates the use of respirators
* ready to use the affected area immediately after application

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