Manhattan Internet Marketing Firm Explains How To Use YouTube to Market Your Business

New York website development expert says that YouTube is a great way to market your business brand online.

Online PR News – 25-July-2011 – New york, New York – “YouTube offers businesses an incredible opportunity to market their product or service,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York website development and Internet marketing expert with clients from around the world. “Using YouTube as a website marketing tool not only increases brand visibility, but is the perfect vehicle for organic search engine optimization.”

YouTube is an incredible marketing tool, Crisafi says, because it attracts millions of visitors daily and, when it comes to SEO, it is just as important as Facebook and Twitter.

Here is some advice from Crisafi, about how to get started using YouTube as a marketing tool:

• Branding Your YouTube Channel: The first thing you need to do, according to Crisafi, is to create your own YouTube channel and customize it. By branding your channel, customers will get a feel for your company, product or service, before they even play your videos. Consider it as important, he says, as the first impression your homepage makes.

• Tagging Your YouTube Content: YouTube uses “tags” as on-site keywords, Crisafi says, and the power of both tags and titles should never be underestimated. Furthermore, Crisafi notes that since the major search engines now offer video content on their results pages, tags and titles are just as important on your YouTube page as they are on your official website.

• Engage Your YouTube Audience: Crisafi reminds YouTube users that the site is social, just like Facebook and Twitter, which means that business owners using YouTube should interact with those who comment on their own videos, but on other channels, as well. You can increase your channel’s relevance, he says, by posting comments on other videos, as long as they are genuine and relevant.

• Promote Your New Channel: Once you have finished setting up your YouTube page and uploading videos, it is time to promote your content. Use Facebook, Twitter and, of course, your own website to promote your videos. Crisafi also suggests that you also consider using YouTube's "Promoted Videos" options.

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