Organic Outdoor Games For Kids Gaining Popularity As A Part Of Green Living

The popularity of clean, green living is reaching past simply the dinner table and into lots of aspects of daily living. and have both released some great content about great clean outdoor activities for kids.

Online PR News – 27-July-2011 – – With the popularity of green living on the rise, people are finding ways to integrate organic food and clean activities into all aspects of life. A recent article titled "Environmental & Organic Games for Kids" discusses games that help get kids out of the house and learning about the world they live in. is another website providing tips and conversation about green living as well. The site recently published an edition of their daily digest that discussed non-toxic backyard activities for kids among other interesting topics. The site publishes in a daily digest format, curating valuable information from all over the internet and the world of organic living.

The daily digest includes other topics as well. The site's main editor, Emily Gill, put together some examples from her daily curation in the excerpt below.

Since summer is in full swing, swimsuits are going to be seeing more use than normal. Take a look at these reviews of some shaving cream isn't made out of stuff you can't pronounce.

A Couple Of Reviews of Organic and Natural Shaving Creams

Unlike many beauty rituals, shaving is not one most of us enjoy. It doesn’t have the sensuality of moisturizing, the skin-exciting tendencies of a good scrub, or even the feeling of freshness imparted by a flossing. Removing the tiny hairs on one’s face, if a man, or (seemingly) everywhere, if you’re a woman, involves all kinds of exactitude and the potential for injury and irritation.

Visit theDailyGreen to read the rest of the article. These guys are a great source for clean products.


Non-Toxic Backyard Activities To Do With Your Kids

Messy Activities
There are a lot of activities that my kids are always asking me to do because they have so much fun doing them, but I’m sometimes resistant of the mess I know they’ll create. When the weather is nice you can let your kids take their favorite messy activities outdoors and not have to worry (as much) about the cleanup!

This includes everything from finger painting, to playing with flour, and even just plain old digging in the dirt. Whatever your kid’s favorite messy activity is – let them take it outside! Here are some of my favorite boredom busting activities for toddlers and young kids.

Fizzing Sidewalk Paint
I found this activity on Pinterest, and can’t wait to try it with my kids! It includes making your own sidewalk chalk paint and then spraying it with vinegar and watching it fizz up. What a fun and great idea! And I love that it uses ingredients I already have on hand in bulk, because I use them to clean my house.

They have more fun activities to do with your kiddos in the rest of the article, over at


Variations In Nutritional Content Of Grown Food Based On Quality Of Soil

With respect to nutrient data-including mineral data-for any food (not just mushrooms), our website used the "gold standard" software in clinical nutrition, an application called "Food Processor" with a database published by ESHA Research, Inc. in Salem, Oregon. We are also familiar with many nutrient databases, including the USDA's National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.
The nutrient data in any nutritional database uses statistical averages. Sometimes the averages involve testing of a very small number of food samples. Sometimes hundreds of samples are tested. These samples may take into account a variety of different growing conditions, or they may not take into account any differences in growing conditions. The only responsible way to view these database estimates is with a "ballpark" approach. At best, the data in a nutrient database give you a ballpark estimate of the nutrient contents of a particular food. Differences in soil quality definitely affect mineral content of foods, and you are absolutely correct that our body cannot make minerals. The bottom line here is that you cannot, for example, guarantee that 5 ounces of crimini mushrooms contain 56% of the DV for selenium as we report on our website. However, you can guarantee that crimini mushrooms-in comparison with other foods-are a good place to look if you are trying to increase your selenium intake, because these mushrooms, if given the opportunity to grow in healthy soil, will collect a helpful amount of selenium.

This is an interesting topic, I think. You can read the rest of the article over at The George Mateljan Foundation. This variation in food quality is another great reason to use sustainable agricultural practices.
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