House Plan Company Helps Make Home Building Less Stressful
07/25/2011 offers LOW COST, quality plans containing floor plans, elevations and cross sections needed for building a house. The plans are in metric measurements units.

Online PR News – 25-July-2011 – – Australia, July 25, 2011: House Plan is a company based in Green Point, Australia, that offers innovative house plans and construction options for prospective homeowners. Today, more and more people are looking to build their own dream home. In many cases, people simply can’t find what they are looking for with constructed homes that are already in the market. Sometimes the houses are just too expensive, located in the wrong area, or don’t have the right kind of design. House-Plan offers consumers the chance to gain more control over the construction of their dream home, right from the design level. Furthermore, the company’s website provides valuable resources and information on the different aspects of house construction.

Planning It

When it comes to finding the right house plans, many people have a rough idea of what they would like their dream home to look like. At the same time, they are often unsure about whether their ideas will be executable in actual house designs. The House-Plan site offers a number of different existing house plans that people can browse through. These plans include cross-sections, floor plans, and elevations. All measurements are given in metric units. “Our collection of home plan designs is suited to a number of different household needs,” explained a company official. “Whether you’re looking for a single or two-floor construction, two bedrooms or five bedrooms, you’ll find a number of options in our collection of designs. Each set of home plan consists of floor blueprints, with information on the foundation type, wall materials, floor levels, and floor area. We also include elevations for each side of the house and sections which show the cross-sections of the house.”

House-Plan can also accommodate people who may already have their own house plans in mind. “We do offer customized plans for those who already know what they want in their home construction,” explained a company official. “The customer can send us sketches they’ve done or pictures of the home and layout. We then work to create plans that suit your specifications. If the client would like to make corrections to the plan, they are free to do so. We collect payment once the client is satisfied with the plans.”

Understanding What’s Involved

Apart from a choice of a ready-made or customized house plan, the company has also included a number of special resources on their website. This includes valuable information on different aspects of house building and executing low cost house plans. “Building a home isn’t just about getting the right kind of plan; there are a number of other aspects that need to be considered as well,” shared a company representative. “There are a number of people today who would like to build their very own home but just don’t know what it involves. We’ve provided tips on how to find builders, what to consider when getting a loan, and even the basics on how a house is built.”

To find house plans or to create your very own customized house design, visit the House-Plan website at

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