Nearly As Nice As Mommy’s Tummy...the Original TummyTub® Arrives In The US!

Used in Europe since the mid-90s, the TummyTub has now made a splash with American parents! This innovative upright bath mimics the womb and keeps baby covered in warm water.

Online PR News – 25-May-2009 – – Nature is indisputably responsible for the best innovations in baby care, but with the introduction of the original TummyTub®, baby bathing has entered a new dimension. Babies are able to relive the security of the womb by adopting the familiar and reassuring fetal position. They feel more comfortable and enjoy bath time, just like their parents.

For over 15 years the TummyTub® has reminded many newborns of the time they spent in the womb. TummyTub® remains to be the ultimate standard in baby bathing, as confirmed by Sharon Trotter, the UK’s leading midwife and best-selling author. Sharon’s publication, Tips, awarded the original TummyTub® the 'Best of the Best', as the most outstanding baby bathtub available.

Parent testers unanimously praised the innovative European baby bath and awarded the TummyTub® as the Best of the Best for ergonomic baths. Their babies just loved the experience of being securely cocooned in warm water. The Testers especially mentioned the feeling of safety, the ease of use, and the relaxing effect on the baby.

“I have been using the TummyTub® for the past 15 months with my son and could never imagine returning to the traditional type of baby bath tub," says Janis McKellar, founder of tummytub USA. “We introduced the TummyTub® on the NBC today show on May 1st, and the incredibly high demand since has shown us that the American public has been in need of a better way to bathe babies!".

About TummyTub®
Created in the Netherlands, the TummyTub® has been endorsed by maternity hospitals, physicians, midwives and child care workers all over the world. All TummyTub® products are carefully designed and produced in Europe and tailor-made to the needs of the baby. The TummyTub® was awarded the European TÜV safety certificate and has passed the most stringent safety tests in Australia, France, Germany, the UK, USA and Canada.

About TIPS Awards
The TIPS Awards are based on the results of thorough testing by a panel of nursing mothers supported by Sharon Trotter. Only products that meet TIPS stringent criteria will be tested through the Award Scheme. The TIPS Awards are recognised as the golden standard for all product testing in the baby and toddler market sector.

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