American Gold Reserve ! A New Way to Buy Gold and Silver – Direct From the Mint!

Old Glory Mint, is launching AMERICAN GOLD RESERVE , which will allow customers to purchase Pure Gold & Silver Bullion at Dealer Pricing. The goal of American Gold Reserve is to take GOLD direct to the public with NO MIDDLE MEN to inflate the prices!

Online PR News – 25-July-2011 – – Athens, GA - July 23, 2011 -- Old Glory Mint, a privately owned Refinery/Mint in Utah, is launching AMERICAN GOLD RESERVE , a new business which will allow customers to purchase Pure Physical Gold and Silver Bullion direct from the Refinery at Dealer Pricing. Old Glory Mint, is a supplier to the 6 top retailers in the precious metals market such as Kitco. They are debt free and own’s all their assets outright and is vertical.

The primary mission of American Gold Reserve ( is focused on empowering ordinary people with a means OWN and leverage two commodities that everyone wants, Gold and Silver Bullion, at the most affordable price as possible – Direct from the Refinery/Mint!!

The American Gold Reserve business model is to bring Pure Physical Gold and Silver bullion products to the masses in at the most affordable price as possible – Direct from the Refinery/Mint. In doing this, American Gold Reserve will be providing people a means by which to Secure a portion of their wealth in the form of something Real and Tangible.

With the current economic conditions that exist throughout the world today, it is only normal for us to be concerned that our wealth and our retirement are in DIRE jeopardy. Every family needs to START SAVING GOLD NOW!! The future of the US Currency is not looking good at all right now, so saving GOLD only makes good common sense!!

With the decline of the value of the US dollar and paper assets under attack, owning gold and silver from American Gold Reserve is the best way to diversify and secure wealth for the future. Be aware that when you buy Gold or Silver from American Gold Reserve you are not really spending money. You are merely exchanging one form of currency for another… and in this case you are actually exchanging something that is declining in value for something that is rising in value.

* Experts are advising clients to have at least 5%-25% of their assets in Gold & Silver.

* American Gold Reserve provides you the absolute best way available to take their advice!

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Additionally, American Gold Reserve was created with a secondary vision and goal… to also provide to their customers a unique opportunity to generate additional wealth thru its Affiliate Marketing program. American Gold Reserve customers that wish to participate in the affiliate program simply need to introduce the American Gold Reserve products to other people. American Gold Reserve will in turn pay out referral commissions to the Affiliate on any gold and silver purchased by those customers.

American Gold Reserve chose to use the Affiliate Marketing business model because it empowers financially intelligent individuals, opportunists and people with vision the unique opportunity to become part of the biggest affiliate networking opportunity in years. The demand for Gold and Silver has never been greater than it is now. So the timing for American Gold Reserve couldn’t be better.

The American Gold Reserve Comp Plan was designed and created by some of the most successful network marketing professionals in the industry. First and foremost, American Gold Reserve demanded that it be designed to be simple and effective. Secondly, American Gold Reserve also dictated that the comp plan be designed to provide maximum profitability to any Affiliate who worked the business model with reasonable amount of effort.

As an American Gold Reserve Affiliate, anyone who works this business model with a modest amount of effort will experience the level of success and compensation that most people can only dream about.

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American Gold Reserve
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