Finding Your Life Purpose – Reveals The Real Purpose Of Your Existence

Finding Your Life Purpose is a great way to find the true meaning of life and transform it using simple life style techniques.

Online PR News – 25-July-2011 – – We talk about living life with a purpose but most of us go through our existence without understanding the real meaning of life. Are you too one among those who have missed the point? Then Finding Your Life Purpose will help you understand the essence of a life that is full of happiness and bliss.

Seven Steps is all it takes to discover your own life purpose according to leading human behavior specialist Richard Jacobs. He is the creator of What’s your Life Purpose and is committed to helping you understand the key to a happy life.

Each step reveals significant facts about your character. They make you identify your values, gifts, talents and abilities regardless of whether you know about them or not. The endeavor is to help you understand these factors and harness their incredible power, which will gradually reveal what is life about. You can unravel the true meaning of your existence in this mighty universe – your purpose in life.

Purpose has been identified throughout the ages as the real driving force of our lives. It is the catalyst to creating the right balance between our mind, body and spirit according to ancient philosophers. However, we never make a concerted effort to understand the rationale behind our existence. In other words, we never ask ourselves – What’s my life purpose?

Richards’s revolutionary work Finding Your Life Purpose has resulted in tens of thousands of individuals from diverse spheres of life finding their PURPOSE. Not by sheer chance or after spending years trying to unravel the mystery but by using a series of fun, engaging and creative exercises that involves seven simple steps.

Master Life coach, Jacobs feels that this program is the key to self mastery and personal development, the spirit of a contented and happy life. The whole effort is focused on helping you find true life meaning.

Step one is to find out what you really love to do in life. It helps you experience the power of personal choice regardless of the circumstances.
Step two reveals what you want to be and can help you start living by your new philosophy. The process of self growth begins from here. The answers to ‘what is my life about’ begin to reveal itself from this step.
Step three aims to focus on understanding your priorities and responsibilities. You can define yourself not by what others think of you but by what you want to do by yourself. It answers your question ‘how can I be happy’.

With Step 4, you can determine the impact you wish to make on people. You can establish your guiding principles.

Step 5 helps in identifying the things important to you very clearly and concisely. You can melt your fears and boundaries and learn how to inspire those around you effortlessly.

Step six boosts your self esteem and makes a huge difference to your life style.

Step 7 is where realization dawns about ‘My purpose in life’. You can use the knowledge gained to lead a life that is full, enriched and contented.

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