Broad connect has launched their EZ Dialer through BlackBerry

Broad Connect has launched their Unlimited Black Berry EZ Dialer with the mobile giant BlackBerry.

Online PR News – 25-July-2011 – – The Mobile giant of the world Black Berry has agreed with the prominent Canadian telecom player Broad Connect Telecom for the launch of their Unlimited Black Berry EZ Dialer. Broad Connects Unlimited Black Berry EZ Dialer is directly download or Configures to your Black Berry Mobile via the EZ Dial network.
The EZ Dial network is to configure in your Black Berry with your favourate five numbers which is your EZ Dialers access number.Retun back to the menu dial your favourate numbers and you will get the leverage for all your calls. Once you turn on the EZ Dialer Application in your Black Berry all the outgoing calls made by you will be automatically get routed via the EZ Dialer.

The service of this software has broadly categorized in to three depends on the various types of calls and the tarif also different based on the calls. Below mentioned table is indicating the charges of using Unlimited Black Berry Ez Dialer. The great news of the Unlimited Black Berry EZ Dialer is that both of them are launched their latest calling option with very economical rates.

Unlimited Local Calling
$ 20/Per Month
Unlimited Nation-wide Calling
$ 25/Per Month
Unlimited North-America Calling
$ 30/per Month

The latest calling option is launched with certain added benefits or it’s a sincere effort from the IT of Broad Connect to avoid the limitations of the other calling software. The major advantage of this version is to avoid the complexities of using the other versions.

The usage of Unlimited Black Berry EZ Dialer is very simple as the Unlimited Black Berry EZ Dialer is configured to your black berry with an inbuilt offer of unlimited free usage of calls as per your choice. So all your specific calls would automatically get routed through unlimited Black Berry EZ Dialer, once you subscribe any of the packages from the above mentioned table. In the traditional methods for every calls, you have to dial your access number and you have to log in to your account with an account number again you have to wait till the time comes when you can make new calls.
This technology is very much helpful for the users and the new version will avoid a long turnaround time in between your calls. Unlimited Blackberry EZ Dialer is very productive for the people in their busy schedule….

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