UPRS GROUP assists NJ probate attorney in securing $900,000 estate for Heir

UPRS Group, a private investigator company that works with Probate attorneys and trust and estate representatives have successfully helped an heir prove entitlement to an estate worth over $900,00

Online PR News – 25-July-2011 – – UPRS GROUP, Cedarhurst, NY

(UPRS) is among the world’s leading experts at identifying unclaimed property owners and returning properties. We’ve returned over $30 million in the last few years to individuals and corporations and have a stellar reputation among the Courts and Treasury Departments for our integrity and professionalism. We have a team of experts who are highly trained with years of genealogical investigative experience in filtering data, researching owner information, finding beneficiaries and heirs, recreating family trees, and verifying ownership in even the most complex of cases. As a licensed Private Investigation agency, we work with Probate attorneys, legal representative of an estate or trust to assist you in locating missing heirs, devisees and other beneficiaries.

Here is an example of another successful case solved by UPRS GROUP.

Gloria passed away intestate in New Jersey in 2011 with an estate valued at one million dollars. Her cousin Sophie from her maternal side figured that she is an heir as Gloria had no living relatives besides her on her mother’s side. When Sophie reached out to an attorney to help her gain access to Gloria’s apartment, he discussed with her the need for her to petition the court to become the administrator of the estate. In the interim it was revealed that Sophie may not be the only heir as Gloria had unknown relatives from her paternal side as well. Now there were a total of 5 heirs who would split the million dollars. Our first job of business was when Sophie claimed that one of the heirs was not entitled to a share as she didn’t believe that he was a relative. UPRS GROUP proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the questionable heir was indeed entitled to their share of the estate.

Once Sophie was named as Administrator, she gained access to her cousin’s apartment…..

As Sophie was sorting through papers in Gloria’s apartment she stumbled upon what looked like a sealed envelope which important documents inside. What she found almost made her pass out: a will dated in 1961. The contents of the will had left everything to Sophie’s mother. Her mother had passed away 35 years ago so this meant that everything would go to Sophie.

Did Sophie’s find make her the sole heir of her cousin’s estate? Can a will from 50 years ago still be valid? With so many questions on her mind, she called her attorney. After doing some preliminary investigating with the courts, Sophie got an answer.

The will is valid if you can find one of the three witnesses who signed the original will or someone who can verify their signatures.

That seemed impossible as there was a high probability that these witnesses were in their middle ages in the 1960s and that would put them at 100+ today. Sophie’s attorney immediately turned to UPRS GROUP to engage their services again. UPRS GROUP evaluated the case and decided that they will go on the assumption that all the witnesses are deceased and they will need to find heirs of the decedents to verify the signatures.

The first contact was a relative of the witness #1 named Claire. Her 85 year old cousin informed us that Claire died from cancer in 1968 and was never married. When asked if she would be able to verify Claire’s signature, the relative said no as it was too many years ago. Strike 1.

Witness # 2 named Douglas was actually the attorney that helped Gloria draw up the will. This should be easy as maybe we could trace his legal briefs to his last address of record. After working on this for a few hours, all the leads turned up nothing. The attorney was probably dead with no relatives. Strike 2

Back to our first contact, UPRS GROUP had a hunch that maybe there was a relationship between these three people who signed as witnesses. The hunch was right. Claire worked for the attorney as his secretary. What probably transpired was that when Gloria came in to sign her will, the attorney called anyone in the office to sign as witnesses. Maybe our third witness was also an attorney in the office. The relative also remembered the attorney as an older gentleman in his sixties. Now we know the attorney was definitely deceased.

With only one more chance to find witness #3, the pressure was on as locating him stood in the way of Sophie collecting the entire estate worth over one million dollars or splitting it between 5 heirs. Will it be $200,000 or $1,000,000 to Sophie?

UPRS GROUP would not give up. They felt the urgency with their daily consultations with the attorney. Everyone was counting on us now to find the missing witness from 50 years ago. With their years of expertise and proprietary methods of finding thousands of people, they were up to the challenge and did not want to let Sophie down.

At last what they thought was a breakthrough; an old obituary mentioned the name of witness # 3 as a relative to someone who had passed away 30 years ago. With this new lead, UPRS GROUP reconstructed a family tree to see if there were any relatives of witness #3 that can be located. After calling all the possible relatives and leaving messages, it was now time to sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

In the morning, the message light was lit up and we wondered can this be the message we were waiting for. To our great satisfaction, it was. The 79 year old relative identified himself as the son of witness #3 and when we explained the situation, he was ready to help. We set up a time to meet the next day in his office to have him sign an affidavit verifying his father’s signature. When we met with him, he was so excited to see the 50 year old signature of his dad. He brought pictures and an old army dog tag of his dad so we can get a sense who his dad was. Btw, Dad was an attorney in that original office……………

Another successful case closed by UPRS GROUP ………………………….

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