Jennifer Jo Cobb Announces Keensbuildings.Com As Sponsor For Daytona

Leading dealer in storage buildings, storage sheds, and portable buildings signs on as a sponsor for Jennifer Jo Cobb racing.

Online PR News – 23-July-2011 – – Jennifer Jo Cobb has, over the years, emerged as a top competitor in the world of auto racing. Since she started racing in 1991, she has won several races. In fact, Cobb has finished as a top ten participant in the championship standings every season she has competed. She has quickly climbed the ranks and has started to challenge those who are at the top of the ladder. Perhaps the day when she rules the races from the top is not too far away.

Spectators and experts have taken a note of her meteoric rise in the circuit, and she has become a kind of celebrity now. Naturally, she is attracting a lot of money and sponsorships. For instance, it was recently announced that Keen's Portable Buildings and two other companies will be her new sponsors for the Daytona racing event. This is already being viewed as an association of two successful brands.

Keen's Portable Buildings is a company that is based in Live Oak in the state of Florida. This is one of the biggest companies in this niche. Keen's Portable Buildings is a dealer in portable buildings, storage buildings, and storage sheds, and the company operates in as many as forty-eight states in the country. The company is widely regarded by a lot of people for their storage solutions and the wide array of buildings they offer for people with different budgets. What make this company stand out are the unique, zero-money-down offer and the several competitive pricing plans that are meant for buyers who are looking for storage solutions.

Apart from Keen's Portable Buildings, the two other companies that are sponsoring Jennifer Jo Cobb racing are Rimrock Flooring and Obregon Construction. Rimrock Flooring is the subsidiary business of Rimrock Design. This company has also grown from very modest beginnings and has today become a leader. They have installed complete tile and flooring packages in more than four hundred projects. Obregon Construction, on the other hand, is a new business by comparison. The business is into civil site work and concrete and mechanical disciplines.

Jennifer Jo Cobb is herself extremely excited and welcomes all the three new racing sponsors, including Keen's Portable Buildings. She has mentioned already that she wants to work closely with the sponsors and wishes all of them to grow together with her. It remains to be seen whether she will be able to improve her racing performance. The new sponsors will certainly hope that she can because this will provide the businesses with the mileage they want. The good news is that Cobb remains extremely confident that she will be able to carry forward her success and can finish the races in better positions in the future.

About Keen's Portable Buildings: Keen's Portable Buildings is the largest-volume dealer in storage buildings, storage sheds, and portable buildings in the Southeast. The company operates in as many as forty-eight states in the U.S. Keen's Portable Buildings has now become a sponsor for Jennifer Jo Cobb racing for Daytona. Please visit for more information about the company and the website of Jennifer Jo Cobb for the latest results of her races.


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