New Executive Coaching Show for CEOs Propels Businesses to the Next Level

Calling it a milestone for business owners and C-Level executives, CEO Growth Team unveiled its new business development show called “GROW with Edward Earle–Take Your Business to the Next Level.”

Online PR News – 22-July-2011 – – Broadcasting from Los Angeles California, The “GROW with Edward Earle Show” is a new kind of business strategy forum that takes place in an interactive, lively business talk show environment. Mr. Earle, a nationally recognized author, business strategist, marketing guru and entrepreneur, is the host of the show.

As one of the world’s legitimate authorities on these subjects, Mr. Earle designs each show to provide CEOs with an unequaled opportunity to be featured as a “Guest CEO Expert” or “Intellectual Industry Leader.” According to Mr. Earle, “My main goal is to put the power to grow the company back into the hands of the CEO, where it rightfully belongs.”

Another unique aspect of the new show is that the studio audience is made up entirely of other business owners, entrepreneurs, and C-level executives who actively participate in the business discussions during the show, which adds even more life and excitement to the program.

During each show CEOs learn, discuss, plan and implement game-changing business strategies contained in Edward Earle's many books such as "Only the Brands Will Survive," which is FREE to CEOs.
CEO Leadership eBook

CEOs Learn How to:
*Build Brands that Competitors Cannot Follow
*Take Over Market-share at Will
*Generate More Leads and Convert More Leads into Sales
*Take Entire Organizations to the Next Level

Guest CEO Expert

Mr. Earle explained his reasoning behind such a ground-breaking new format, “There are so many things that a CEO needs to communicate to his marketplace and vendors to propel his business forward. Unfortunately business owners frequently don’t really have a venue to communicate their vision. Traditional avenues like advertising, marketing collateral or videos lack power and credibility. When I bring a CEO onto my show as a guest expert, I can position him and his expertise correctly so it has impact and credibility. That’s the power of the show for a CEO.”

Guest CEO’s who are invited onto the show receive the added benefit of working closely with CEO Growth Team producers such as Rutherford De Armas, a business owner and author who has been interviewed on affiliate networks of NBC, ABC and FOX as one of America’s premier business experts.

During his interview on a recent Executive Coaching segment, Brian Rizzo, CEO of ICE Cable Systems said, “A lot of companies have reached a plateau with their current knowledge, infrastructure, and people. Ed’s CEO Growth Team is a place where CEO’s come to learn ways to do things better.” Mr. Rizzo added, “I am seeing innovations during this experience that other CEOs don’t have access to.”

The engaging and open format of the show has prompted many prominent business leaders to share their most difficult challenges with Mr. Earle. The CEOs then are guided by Mr. Earle to work together as a team to find new solutions. Rett Rasmussen, VP of Rasmussen Iron Works says that, "I am a regular attendee and guest. I don’t go to just anything. I have been working with Ed’s CEO Growth Team for over two years. The reason I come is Ed Earle, and because I learn something new every time to compete in today’s marketplace and exceed our competition.”

In the post-production phase, Guest CEO segments are then carefully crafted, edited and produced on DVD, HD or online versions which are then sent to each CEO ready for use on their company websites or in media campaigns. This is a FREE benefit of attendance.

CEOs interested in being featured as a Guest CEO on an upcoming “GROW with Edward Earle Show,” or attending the show FREE and participating in the discussion:
Call 909-597-2727.

To attend an upcoming live "GROW with Edward Earle Show" for FREE click here:
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An Associate Producer will follow up to plan, prepare and schedule your Guest CEO segment on the show.

It seems that while his competitors in the executive coaching and leadership training world are promoting their next big “revolutionary” seminar, Edward Earle’s attention is focused elsewhere.

Edward Earl is listening to his CEOs.

About Edward Earle:
As a truly self-made man, Edward Earle has had a rapid rise from a kid in a business suit to become one of advertising’s most knowledgeable moguls. Edward’s first organization, a North American marketing consulting firm, was honored on the Inc. 500’s list of the Fastest Growing Companies 3 years in a row. Numerous business magazines have cited Mr. Earle as a “Genius’s Genius” in marketing, advertising, sales and business strategy.

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