Bruce L. Thompson, Jr. Releases His Unique Guide to a Glorious Love Life

The author has enriched the content of this handbook of love with inspiring words of wisdom that cherish the mere presence of love in our society.

Online PR News – 28-July-2011 – – Hollywood, CA (onlineprnews ) July 22, 2011 - “Give Love, Receive Love and Grow in the Power of Love,” seems to be the motive of this carefully scripted book that talks on eons of good words of wisdom on the topic of Love. In this fast paced world of constantly changing technology, one feels all drenched out of energy and exhausted under the stress and pressures of life. Human life has got complicated by the second and the only thing that universally is proven to heal a human being of all the worldly pain and suffering is none other than Love.

relationships and friendships have long lost their essence of love and genuineness that people go seeking for peace of mind through unhealthy manners of modern lifestyle. People are prone to take anti-suppressant drugs, alcohol, narcotics and so many others that only give a short-lived escape from the worldly worries. What one forgets is the essential presence of love in one’s life.

Bruce L. Thompson, Jr. shares his personal views and insights in the format of motivational and awe-inspiring poetry of wisdom in his current book named The Handbook of Love: A Guide to Your Love Life. He skillfully showcases the various ways in which we cope with relationships and forget to see the secret power of Love that exists in every relationship that we delve in. “Thompson presents various lessons of love in a poetic format, using evocative language and a unique format to explicate the nature of love and give readers instructions for unlocking and accepting love into their lives,” says the reviewer of the book.

“Through Thompson's words, readers are able to "start a revolution of love" in their own lives and the lives of those around them. The Handbook of Love is a beautifully written book, whether we are looking for love, struggling with our relationships, or fulfilled in love, a true testimony to love's many characteristics,” he further exclaims.

“Take your time to read this book carefully and meditate upon the words, until they bring clarity and finality to your lives,” says Thompson himself. “Let these revelations reveal themselves to you and bring you into an experience of love that is unforgettable. You will understand how the words fit into your present and past experiences of love and take you into new dimensions and experiences of love,” he adds.

About The Handbook of Love: A Guide to Your Love Life:

The Handbook of Love: A Guide to Your Love Life is an ebook written for all those who have lost track of their love life. The relationships that have lost their good old charm that once existed when the complications of life were negligible during the initial stages is finally realized when one goes through the power that this book emulates on inspiring footnotes of love.

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