The ultimate guidebook to successful business with the Chinese, now an eBook

Greg Bissky’s ‘Wearing Chinese Glasses’ explains the rules of Chinese business and how to use them to your advantage

Online PR News – 28-July-2011 – – Taipei, Taiwan, 22 July, 2011 – Greg Bissky’s ‘Wearing Chinese Glasses: How (not) to Go Broke in Chinese Asia’ is now available as an eBook following the success of its print version. The book is an important guidebook for anyone brave enough to venture into the complicated business world of Chinese Asia.

The key to succeeding in China is the ability to see things as Chinese see them or “seeing things through Chinese glasses”. This eBook will give you a pair of Chinese glasses, without which, you will be doing business in China blind. This informative and entertaining book will help a great deal in understanding, communicating, and doing business in Chinese. Asia.

The eBook is divided into two sections: ‘Getting Chinese Glasses’ and ‘Using Chinese Glasses’, which is all about learning and applying the rules. Greg combines essential information for successful relationships with the Chinese with some tidbits of wisdom and humor.

The eBook is available on leading eBook stores such as Amazon and can be read in a variety of formats on different devices such as smartphones, iPad, Kindle, and other eBook readers and tablets.

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About the Author

Greg has vast experience working in China. As a business owner as well as consultant, Greg negotiates and implements contracts, leading region-wide productivity-improvement projects. He is as comfortable on the factory floor as in the boardroom, and as familiar setting region-wide strategy as he is implementing it at the lowest levels. His experience translates into a better understanding of differences between European and Asian thought processes and ability to work together, which is reflected in the eBook.

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