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12/24/2009 added a new report on "Mobile Instant Messaging Report 2009-2014: Services in the Social Network and iPhone era" which gives Strategic options and critical success factor for Mobile Instant Messaging.

Online PR News – 24-December-2009 – – Mobile Instant Messaging Report 2009-2014: Services in the Social Network and iPhone era

Mobile operators across Europe and Asia have been looking to deploy customised but co-branded mobile IM (MIM) services since the end of 2006 in an effort to cement their position in the value chain. This renewed interest is being driven by perceived benefits such as increasing data ARPU, service differentiation, churn reduction and building customer loyalty. However, one other factor in the equation is the phenomenal rise of social networking across platforms, including mobile. IM capability is already being leveraged by social networks such as Twitter and Facebook across the fixed desktop internet, which could spill over onto mobile. In fact, just as social networking has been the main driver behind increasing consumer web access, adoption of IM will also grow along with social networks over mobile. ( )

Across the value chain, factors that have to be taken into account include adopting the right business model, interoperability, service coverage, marketing, customer segmentation and handset usability. As shipments of handsets with embedded IM clients increase, packaging MIM as an intuitive user interface, for example, is difficult but imperative. Overcoming these barriers is critical to drive MIM forward from its current niche role into a mass-market service. How can these be overcome? This report will tell you.

This 150+ page report establishes the potential of MIM services in consumer and corporate markets worldwide, providing subscriber and revenue forecasts. We believe that if mobile operators play their cards right with respect to pricing and marketing strategies, MIM holds significant potential.

The report answers questions such as:

• What are the market trends for mobile IM, and the opportunities and challenges facing operators?
• What are the strategic options and critical success factors for deploying MIM services?
• What is the right business model for MIM services?
• How will the market evolve by 2011, including end-user uptake, revenue and handset forecasts by region?
• How can device usability and the management of multiple end-user "states" be improved to encourage service adoption?
• What can be learned from case studies of current MIM deployments?

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