Press Release Traffic Booster Ebook Re-Launched

The Press Release Traffic booster ebook has been relaunched recently. It outlines an innovative strategy whereby internet marketers can use press release submissions to ensure that their websites rank high on Google and other search engines. The ebook is achieving a cult following on the warrior forum.

Online PR News – 22-July-2011 – – Lots of ebooks being launched claiming to help people to achieve better SEO are mostly hyped up and contain little or no particular original value. This is not the case with the “Press Release Traffic Booster” ebook which was re-launched recently. The ebook is outlining the best search engine optimization strategies that one can use by suggesting a technique that utilizes press release submission.

Optimizing a website for optimal search engine results differs significantly from the classic article marketing which many internet marketers spend a lot of time on. Mainly there is no need to submit hundreds of original articles but a couple of strategically submitted press releases will do the trick and will ensure that one gets high pagerank backlinks, which as everyone knows, are essential for achieving good results with search engines.

The author of this ebook, Alyona Frendo, stated that she is one of the very few writers to offer free updates for the ebook to anyone who has bought in the past. In fact recently she mass mailed all her clients and attached the latest version of the press release traffic booster ebook after Google decided to make some changes in it’s algorithm, better known in the internet marketing circles as the Panda update. The latest ebook update involves techniques that one has to use to ensure that his site remains on top even after Google updated drastically it’s search results. In a comment the author said that this strategy ensures that this ebook is kept alive and internet marketers can rest assured that the information contained within is always fresh and the SEO strategies described in the ebook are effective. The author goes on to promise free updates to everyone who purchases.

This ebook has been launched as a warrior forum special offer. The warrior forum is an online community of internet marketers, both seasoned and experienced marketers contribute frequently on the warrior forum and also newcomers to the scene form part of this community. This ebook has achieved a cult following on the warrior forum and the amount of positive reviews on the sales page thread, even by expert internet marketers, is unheard of. One does not need to be a member of the warrior forum to purchase this fantastic ebook tough.

Visit the warrior forum thread now and download the press release traffic booster ebook for the current price since the price is expected to go up as demand continues to increase.

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