New Natural Whiskey Ice cubes and All-Natural Cookware Products Released By Sparqusa

SPARQ Radiant Innovations has released several new products to the national marketplace including whiskey ice cubes, coffee rocks, a Soapstone Griddle, Soapstone Shot Glass along with a Thermal Appetizer Plate.

Online PR News – 22-July-2011 – – Maker of All-Natural Recycled Soapstone Cookware and drink accessories SPARQ Radiant Innovations has released multiple new products for the national market for example whiskey stones, coffee rocks, a Soapstone Griddle, Soapstone Shot Glass plus a Thermal Appetizer Plate.

Placing a whole new spin on previous technological innovation, all kitchen products are produced from soapstone, a non-porous, antibacterial, thermal energy keeping stone of course occurring in our natural environment. Sustainably manufactured, all Sparq products are made with the USA from recycled soapstone to create energy efficient, earth friendly, gourmet kitchen products.

The soapstone cubes is also cooled down for any whiskey on the rocks or heated up to turn out to be coffee stones that sustain the temperature of your respective morning beverage. They double as scotch rocks and tea stones likewise, excellent for sustaining cool or warm temperatures in any low volume drink.

The Thermal appetizer plate and Soapstone Griddle would be utilized to serve and cook food stuff whether or not for being cooled down or heated up to temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Thermal Appetizer Plates will be used to serve cheeses, warm bread or sushi. The versatility of this new kitchen wonder is unmatched relative to its competitiveness. The appetizer dish is usually a cheese board, heated up as a hot plate for baking brie, cooled down as being a cold plate to provide the most effective sushi or served frozen, accommodating probably the most novel of dessert alternatives. Other ideas for appetizers contain canapé, dumplings, all cheeses, deviled eggs, bruschetta, spring rolls and sausages.

Uses for the griddle come with safer out of doors cooking and as a year-round grilling surface for the inside. For those who have never ever experienced what griddle cooking has to provide, then allow this Soapstone griddle reveal you the way. Unlike a gas griddle or an electric griddle, this stone griddle absorbs energy and distributes it evenly in the form heat, permitting you to shut off your grill earlier to avoid wasting energy whilst the soapstone gives a sustained foundation of warmth. The actual fact that this griddle is produced from soapstone, means this is of course non-stick and does not harbor bacteria, leaving germs and grime no space to grab. Say goodbye to harmful carcinogens by the flame as you grill, considering that this new cooking plate presents a barrier involving the flame along with your food.

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