DesignedRight Releases Black Box For iPhone - The Ultimate Practical Joke App

The first iPhone “practical joke” application to offer innovative interface and universal remote control support via Twitter!

Online PR News – 25-May-2009 – – FOR RELEASE ON MAY 25 2009:


The first iPhone “practical joke” application to offer innovative interface
and universal remote control support via Twitter!

SOFIA, BULGARIA — MAY 23, 2009— DesignedRight, a newfound Bulgarian iPhone development company specializing in applications and games that emphasize social networking and connectivity, has released Black Box for iPhone and iPod Touch, available on App Store (link).

Black Box, The Ultimate Joke App, is priced $.99 and is available at App Store at:
Short Link -
Direct iTunes Link - itms://

Black Box is a joke application that allows you trick and embarrass your friends (or yourself!) with funny, rude or outrageous sounds. But unlike other similar applications that require you to stand device in-hand so everyone can blame your bad taste, with Black Box they won't ever see you coming! Black Box uses Twitter, the most popular micro-blogging service, as a remote control for a whole new range of inventive tricks. Use a selection of different sounds or upload your own via Twitter, assign a keyword to it, place your device near the your target in a secret location and trigger the sound anytime, anywhere via Twitter – all done with a computer or mobile device of your choice!

Some simple tricks you can easily pull with Black Box:
• Embarrass your friends with a realistic fart, by placing your device right under their chair. Everyone will know who dealt it by the direction of the sound!
• Startle a lazy co-worker by secretly recording and playing his or her boss’ angry voice from outside their cubicle. Next time they won’t rely on those iPhone nap applications!
• Make all your geek friends go nuts when you show them you next-gen iPhone that you can have natural conversation with, while it is secretly converting Twitter commands to prerecorded speech.

Black Box is a unique iPhone joke application that does away with the need to physically use your iPhone or iPod Touch to prepare and do a trick on someone. Its interface reflects that direction – Black Box uses a stealthy, fake black screen interface (best in daylight) that can trick anyone to believe the phone is either locked or not working. This also allows it to save power when used for extended period of time. Even if the target of your tricks finds the device and figures it’s a setup, he won’t easily gain access to Black Box interface – Settings are protected behind a secret gesture that only the owner of the app would know.

The current version of Black Box offers these features:
• Load sounds and play them remotely with Twitter or any Twitter client - desktop or mobile!
• Utilize web services such as TwitterFeed or TweetLater for additional Twitter integration.
• Start with 20 crazy laugh-breaking sounds included, or add your own remotely.
• Monitors unlimited number of Twitter accounts, with customizable refresh rate.
• Report feedback on your commands to a dedicated Twitter account.
• Set alarms that trigger sounds even if there's no Internet connection available.
• The perfect setup! Black Box appears as a turned off device, with fake black screen and hidden interface, accessed with a secret gesture.
• Access to growing list of pranks and usability ideas at the DesignedRight mobile site.

Simplicity in design allows Black Box to become a versatile tool that transcends its functionality from practical entertainment to a useful utility in different situations. With Black Box you:
• …can have simple alarm clock, with alarms set either via the application interface, or with simple Twitter update from the web or any mobile device. Allow unlimited number of co-workers and friends to assign alarms to your device via Twitter.
• …make music out of sets of samples, such as farts, burps, trombones, and other funny noises! Assign notes to sounds, and then send simple tune notations via Twitter for Black Box musical surprise!
• …can share experiences allowing unlimited number of friends to trigger sounds on your iPhone. Share your emotions with the company while watching TV shows or Superbowl games, even if you are not gathered together!

For best results in scaring or embarrassing people, DesignedRight suggest that you accessorize your iPhone or iPod Touch with portable speakers for avoiding thin, metallic sound from the device speaker.

IMPORTANT: DesignedRight, makers of Black Box, should not be held responsible for any damages that occur to your device by disgruntled targets of your pranks. Please use responsibly!

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