Aussie Vet Products are now Shipping their Products Globally

Australian pet supplies company ‘Aussie Vet Products’ are now shipping their products to countries across the world

Online PR News – 22-July-2011 – – Kenmore, QLD Australia based supplier of pet products and suppliers have announced that they are now shipping their products globally. The Brisbane based company has been supplying vet products all over Australia for several years now.

Animal lovers looking for vet supplies for their birds, dogs, cats, cattle, horses, and even wildlife can order them online through their website. The products are delivered through Australia Post to homes and offices across the country and selected countries outside of Australia.

Common products sold through the online store includes canine and feline joint support tablets, multi-immune tablets, liver cookies in different flavors, tick control medications and supplies for dogs, de-worming tablets for dogs and other animals, bird food, performance supplements, first aids, flea products, laxatives, and even dietary supplements for bovines and horses. Supplies for wildlife include possum milk, and even Kangaroo milk.

General products for animals include de-stressors, toothpastes, toothbrushes, brushers, clippers, wipes, beds, collars, shampoos and conditioners, harnesses, feeding bottles and leads for cats, dogs, cattle’s, horses and birds. Supplies and products manufactured by a wide variety of manufacturers including Frontline vet products for cats and dogs are included as well.

Aussie Vet Supplies is the brainchild of a registered veterinarian who has been practicing for over three decades. Pet owners who aren’t sure about the right product for their animal can speak to veterinary nurses who are available 7days a week and can assist with the correct products. And for those looking for updates on the latest offers and general information, can either join their Facebook page or subscribe to their newsletter.

“Animal Vet Products has managed to sustain in the market, because of a conscious effort to provide quality products at a low price. Customers buying through us can save up to 40% on recommended retail prices for a majority of vet supplies. They can also choose from items kept for clearance and avail bargains. We also offer rewards for customers who refer us,” says the spokesperson for the company.

He further adds, “Customers who refer 10 friends get a $50 credit. For every single successful reference, $5 is added to the customer’s account.”

About Aussie Vet Supplies: Aussie Pet Supplies is Australia’s leading supplier of vet products and supplies. The Company is managed by a registered by a registered veterinarian who has been practicing for the past two decades.

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