MIT Associates Inc. has successfully helped over 9,000 investors who have experienced capital losses

Since our incorporation in 1996, MIT Associates Inc. has successfully helped over 9,000 investors who have experienced capital losses due to misrepresentation, fraud, risk misunderstanding, restricted shares, bad or misleading advice, broker misconduct, broker error, unsuitability, unauthorized trades, excessive trading and others. We pride ourselves on being able to seek a solution that helps our clients worldwide to recover from their respective losses.

Online PR News – 24-December-2009 – – SEATTLE, Washington, Today Mit Associates announced that our objective is to provide our clients a means with which they may be able to recover investment losses by placing them with accredited, third-party (QI) Qualified Intermediary corporations that can resolve their specific issues by either legal arbitration, lifting of share restrictions, 1031 exchanges, tax minimization and negotiation.

What We Do

MIT Associates Inc. is currently working on an information gathering campaign through stock transfer agents to identify clients that have taken capital losses in both the options and equity markets in the United States.

To this end we have contacted tens of thousands of investors worldwide in order to explain to them what their options are to recover their losses.

With our client’s approval, we then forward their information to accredited third party (QI) Qualified Intermediary corporations such as Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas that can work out a viable solution to their financial concerns.

Experience and Execution

Today's capital markets are dynamic and complex. There have never been more ways to raise capital or fund opportunities in the global economy. But there have never been more potential pitfalls, either.

How you go about your capital-raising activities can mean the difference between success and disappointment. Mistakes can cost you money and credibility — and saddle you with legal claims, regulatory inquiries and anxiety and distraction.

At MIT Associates Inc., we know the terrain and can guide you with confidence. Our securities lawyers include many seasoned practitioners. We operate in the world's leading financial centers — from New York to Hong Kong and from London to Tokyo and Singapore. We cover the securities industry from every angle. We have acted for leading issuers, investment banks, shareholders and governments, and are regularly rated at the top of international lawyers' league tables for privatization transactions.

How We Can Help

Debt capital markets - We represent financial institutions and corporate entities in connection with the issuance of bonds, notes, commercial paper, and other capital market instruments. We have deep knowledge in matters related to securities products, securities transfer law, compliance, financial process intellectual property, and e-finance, among others.

Equity capital markets - We handle many types of securities offerings to raise equity, including stock or share offerings, warrants, IPOs and options.

Compliance and corporate governance - We advise boards of directors and management on ongoing compliance issues, ranging from implementing corporate governance reforms to complying with reporting requirements to handling regulatory or criminal investigations.

Securitizations - We work with companies and purchasers to arrange securitizations of assets, ranging from equipment leases and mortgages to credit card receivables, lease portfolios and commercial paper.

Structured finance - We help companies and lenders develop, negotiate and complete complex structured financial transactions.

Derivatives products and repackagings - We negotiate and document derivatives-driven structured financings, secured and guaranteed transactions and taxable and tax-exempt products.

REITs - We work with our Corporate, Tax, and Banking & Finance practices to advise sponsors, trustees, underwriters and investors on structuring, establishing and listing real estate investment trusts and other real estate financing instruments.

Mergers and acquisitions - We provide advice on the sale and purchase of shares in publicly-traded corporations, as well as on reconstruction of corporate entities by way of merger through 1031 exchange, asset or stock acquisition.

Non-private equity funds - We help set up and maintain investment funds, hedge funds, and other funds for financial services purposes, including unit trusts, partnerships, and investment companies.

Global equity services - We work with multinational employers to design, implement, and support equity-based compensation programs for global employees and executives. Our goal is to enable clients to maximize tax benefits, anticipate and minimize accounting issues, and to satisfy securities, labor, exchange control, and data privacy legislation in all relevant jurisdictions.

Financial regulation - We monitor current and emerging regulation in all aspects of banking and finance, and advise clients on potential compliance or commercial issues as well as possible implications of international regulatory trends.

Litigation - We have engaged in extensive securities litigation involving, among others, accounting practices, financial projections, earnings management, new product completion, performance and risk factor disclosure, instruments and investments, exemptions under securities laws, securities fraud and insider trading claims.