Bellagala announces winner of Facebook contest determined by number of "likes"

Bellagala has offered a variety of contests through their Facebook page this summer.

Online PR News – 23-July-2011 – – Bellagala is a an award winning, local wedding service company in which offers sixteen different wedding services all under one roof with a one stop shop concept. Bellagala is present among several social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and has used them to connect with current and future clients very creatively.

This summer, Bellagala has offered several fun and clever contests through their Facebook page which have generated a considerable amount of attention from those that "like" Bellagala and has even helped to increase the number of "likes" Bellagala has as well. Many of these contests' rewards range from smaller, silly prizes to free Bellagala services. There are various levels of involvement when it comes to these contests by the current and future Bellagala clients, and it's always fun to see those that get so greatly involved. Bellagala has offered various contests with the incentives ranging from a free DJ, free ice sculpture, lighting giveaway, free bridal makeup, free Bellagala citronella candles, a free 7 hour photography associate package, a free one-hour photography session, and a free extra hour of photography. Bellagala has also offered the winner of one of these contests a donation to their favorite charity. Some contests require a great deal of involvement for the winner to be chosen, while others are more for fun. Recently, in a contest Bellagala posted a photo to their Facebook page of a blue Bellagala citronella candle known to help get rid of mosquitos. Bellagala offered to send three of the candles to the person that answered the question of, "Why Bellagala would have 100 outdoor citronella candles on hand?" the most creatively. There were many clever responses offered but the winning response of, "Itching to get married? Keep these in mind," won the three candles. The contests with the incentive of free photography giveaways with Bellagala Minneapolis wedding photographers including the free 7 hour photography package as well as the free extra hour of photography was a much more involved contest. Those that wanted to participate were instructed to post their wedding date and their reasoning of why they would benefit from the giveaways most or what they would utilize if they won the photography giveaways to Bellagala's Facebook page. The winners were chosen based on how well they made their case for these photography giveaways.

The most recent contest garnered quite a bit of engagement from current Bellagala clients. The contest incentive was a free one-hour photography session that could be used in any way the winner chose. All the clients had to do to participate was post their engagement story on Bellagala's Facebook page and the story that gained the most "likes" won the free one-hour session. Today, Bellagala announced the winner of this contest and the winning engagement story generated over 100 "likes!" There were several stories with a lot of "likes" but the winner was definitely in the lead! There were some pretty amazing and creative engagement stories shared and I think it's fairly obvious why the winning story gained the most "likes." The winner shared such a great story about her and her soon-to-be-husband finally being able to get married after many years of wanting to but due to the bride's health it had needed to be put on hold. The bride also explained how her fiance had stayed by her side all throughout her being sick and how much he was there for her when she needed it most. Bellagala is excited to be able to offer a free one-hour photography session to such a well deserving couple of the giveaway. It's always fun to announce the contest winners on our Facebook page because of all the support offered by the other clients and happiness they express towards those who win. Bellagala will continue to share these different contests through Facebook, so make sure and check out our Facebook page if you want to get involved!

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