Electrorack Utilizes Award-Winning Technology

Electrorack’s CoolCirc-IT(TM) Utilizes Uptime Institute’s 2011 Green Enterprise IT Award-Winning Technology

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Electrorack’s CoolCirc-ITTM Utilizes Uptime Institute’s 2011 Green Enterprise IT Award-Winning Technology

July 20th, 2011: Opengate Data Systems, the provider of the technology behind Electorack's CoolCirc-IT High-Density Heat Containment System, has been awarded the prestigious Uptime Institute 2011 Green Enterprise IT Award.

“As data center efficiency specialists, we are constantly reviewing advanced infrastructure technology that can have an immediate impact in helping our clients achieve greater efficiencies while realizing significant savings,” said Todd Schneider, Electrorack’s Director of Marketing. “We took a close look at Opengate’s technology last year, immediately recognized its value, and introduced CoolCirc-IT to our clientele.”

Agriculture and Agri Food Canada (AAFC), which shared the award with Opengate as the end-user of the cooling system, was to grow its data center services approximately 40% with limited infrastructure investment. Opengate Containment Cooling systems enabled AAFC to quickly meet aggressive growth demands on data center services that were previously not possible given the center’s cooling infrastructure. The result: This highly effective and easy approach has not only allowed IT load increases beyond what was previously possible, but did so without increasing cooling costs.

CoolCirc-IT, which mounts on top of the enclosure, prevents hot exhaust and cold supply air from mixing, making the entire room a cold-air delivery zone and eliminating the need to constantly move floor tiles based on rack loads. Each redundant system utilizes dual-power inputs and two hot-swappable fan modules that easily scale up to 30kW. The modules are equipped with digital displays and LED indicator lights to provide system status and real-time airflow capacity right at the rack.

With data center budgets already stretched thin, a single CoolCirc-IT unit can be leveraged across multiple cabinets to remove the shared heat load. Cabinets are ganged together creating a single shared plenum for exhaust heat. The heat is then removed via a single CoolCirc-IT unit and chimney to the return plenum. This configuration reduces the number of chimneys required versus passive systems that require a chimney on every cabinet. Fewer chimneys reduce light blockage and allow cable ladders to pass across cabinets and aisles.

Each CoolCirc-IT system includes a networking module to provide IP access. The embedded software includes a graphical user interface to easily monitor cooling capacity, temperature, humidity and service life of each fan module. User-defined SNMP traps and alarm thresholds trigger email alerts when levels fall outside of the desired parameters. 

CoolCirc-IT maintains a ‘zero-pressure’ environment inside the rack, which is a critical element to prevent overtaxing of server fans and leakage of hot air into the room often found with passive cooling solutions. And because CoolCirc-IT mounts on top of each individual enclosure, it doesn’t consume floor space, and is suitable for deployment in raised-floor or slab environments.

“We were thrilled to see the Uptime Institute validate our decision to launch CoolCirc-IT by bestowing the prestigious GEIT award to Opengate and AAFC,” added Todd.

IT professionals can visit http://www.electrorack.com/active-heat-containment/CoolCirc-IT.htm to learn more and see a video of CoolCirc-IT in action.

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