Missouri River Leaving Mold Problems; Mold Contractors Boosting Service With Green Mold Remover

Residents expect mold damages after the Missouri River water recedes. IgotMOld shares a secret to make the mold removal process easy, effective and safe.

Online PR News – 22-July-2011 – – Hundreds of residents were hit hard by the rise of the Missouri River water level. And after the water recedes, homeowners expect that mold will attack their properties. That leaves mold contractors to surmise that it will boost remediation projects.

Knowing that the elimination of mold symptoms and restoration of mold-damaged properties is a long and difficult task, IgotMold.com is recommending the use of a green mold removal product. With it, the site is positive that mold contractors can implement a safer, easier and more effective treatment.

The particular solution the site recommends is called Molderizer. It is basically an organic-based mold removal product. According to its creators, it is made up of selected ingredients that also promote wellness.

Among the many mold removal solutions in the market, it is said that Molderizer is the only product specially formulated to alter the mold's DNA make-up. Thus, it makes it easier to effectively eliminate mold in homes. And given that it is a spray solution, mold removal contractors or any other user just had to directly spray it to the items or surfaces to work.

The fact that Molderizer is 100 percent biodegradable is another thing that makes it unique. With its green components, it makes the remediation and even the elimination of house mold symptoms generally safe for the contractors and the clients. Specifically, it helps prevent allergies and other breathing problems.

“Mold can cause a lot of damages to health and properties. However, if you treat it with chemical solutions, you are posing more threats to yourself and your family. When we created Molderizer, we are addressing those problems. We want Molderizer and our other cleaners to be effective and safe. That's the basic reason why we are using Green Bean ingredients.” Markus Skupeika said.

Skupeika is the Chief Executive Officer of MyCleaningProducts. MyCleaningProducts is the official manufacturer of Molderizer and other Green Bean home cleaners.

To know more about the mold problems after the Missouri River flooding, readers can go to http://www.igotmold.net/mold-removal/mold-growth-expected-missouri-river-recedes.html.

For more news about mold and to get a free sample of Molderizer, readers can check out http://www.IGotMold.net.

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