The voting is finally over and we have a contest winner for our Research and Writing Contest

Online PR News – 28-July-2011 – – SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, JULY 14, 2011 – The voting for the essay contest is closed and the winners are soon to be identified to all our users. The RWC staff deeply appreciate the effort that all the contest entrants put into their submissions. We are quite pleased with the quality of all the essays and delighted at all the interaction that this event has encouraged. This, after all, is our reason for hosting contests. We aim to increase the communication amongst our writers and also with us here at RWC, as well as to identify potential new additions to our corps of freelancers. We look forward to mounting new competitions in the fall, when activity begins to pick up again on the RWC website.

And the envelope, please! Finally, we’ll find out who the essay contest winners are at The entries have been interesting reading, and packed with well-researched information and reasoned opinion. They contain all sorts of good ideas and suggestions for products and behavior modifications to streamline the freelance writer’s life and work.

However, there can be only so many winners. Our website users have been voting enthusiastically for their favorite essays, and we are so pleased to see all this activity. Some of our finalists have been neck and neck.

The progress of the contest has been a secret even for most of our RWC staff. Only the judges know who is getting the most votes. Only the judges know whose fan base is the most assiduous in making their preference known. Only the judges now know who is the winner, as of the deadline.

Of course, we all are aware that there will be attractive cash prizes. These range from 200 dollars down to 50 dollars. However, we don’t even feel that this is the most appealing honor associated with the contest. That is why, all along, we have encouraged our users and visitors to vote, in the words (probably apocryphal) of a Chicago political machine boss, “Vote early and often”. (Fortunately, multiple votes have been allowed - one per day per person)!

No, we feel that other benefits of winning have made an exciting contest for both contestants and audience. Since some of our winners may be offered a chance to blog for RWC on a guest basis, the chance to vote has been quite significant. Our users and visitors have been given a voice, in a very concrete sense, to determine who will be one of the voices blogging for them on our website. This fact has added a certain level of importance to the process.

Whom do our users want to hear from? Who can hold our busy writers and visitors’ attention? Who has something interesting and useful to share? It is not an inconsequential question!

We know from comments that we receive that our blog readers are encouraged and heartened by information and advice they find useful. We know, just as surely, that when they disagree with us, they do not hold back (and by the way, we publish all commentary that is couched in decent language). Our blog is a true two-way channel of communication.

Thus, the position of blogger, even on a short-term or guest basis, carries with it a good deal of responsibility. It is an honor to address a huge and passionate audience. Furthermore, the RWC audience values tips and ideas for more efficient strategies to write well, swiftly and credibly.

Finally, all of our winners, at every level, will be registered automatically as writers, with no need for additional tests, or interviews. That is certainly worth something.

So, the winner is to be announced, and every single one of our participants is to be congratulated for their assiduous work and commitment. We liked hearing from all of our contestants, and learning so much from their pieces of writing. Our users and visitors can look for more promotions like this in the autumn.

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