How To Read Guitar Tab: A Beginner’s Guide Available Now At Mike’s Guitar Talk

Find what beginning guitar players need to know to start reading and writing guitar tablature today. Mike’s Guitar Talk blog defines guitar tablature and explains how to read it for guitar players.

Online PR News – 21-July-2011 – – Mike Sunderlin of Mike’s Guitar Talk lays out the information needed for guitar players to read guitar tab. At target="_blank" class="highlight_link"> Mike explains everything from basic tab structure to basic melody lines to reading specific techniques.

While fingering is revealed in tablature be aware that rhythm or how the notes are played will not be.

According to Mike, “Guitar tablature, a different style of musical notation, is designed completely for the guitar. It's a much easier approach to reading music and knowing precisely where the note or notes are being played on the neck of the guitar.”

“While fingering is revealed in tablature, be aware that rhythm, or how the notes are played, will not be.” Mike stated, “I suggest listening to the song along with reading tablature or studying standard notation.” It’s important to be aware that the best way to understand guitar tab is to listen to the song desired to play while reading the tab. This gives a better understanding of how the notes on the guitar tab are being played.

“Tab is a great way to learn your favorite songs quickly.” Mike’s Guitar Talk gives you the information you need to read and write guitar tab today.

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