Relaxing Songs To Make Love To? Electronica Artist Jap Jap Doesn't Want To Know...

Jap Jap, acclaimed producer of chillout electronic music, is pleased to announce the release of his new album "The Ever Expanding Light" set to appear this October, but a preview of the title-track seems to have triggered an unexpected buzz.

Online PR News – 21-July-2011 – – Ambient electronica artist Jap Jap (pronounced "Yap Yap.") - who has received praise from the likes of electronic pioneer Ulrich Schnauss for his otherworldly relaxing songs - has offered his fans a free download: the title track from his upcoming album "The Ever Expanding Light". Among the many messages he received, a certain unusual reaction seems to have surfaced, mostly referencing making love... The direct reference to sexual desire may seem somewhat far-fetched, but his music certainly has the right warm, romantic and epic chillout vibe.

Inspired by the shoegaze, postrock and dreampop genres as well as top indie electronica artists, Jap Jap produces calming ethereal chill out electronica. Beautiful relaxing songs with the occasional processed guitars and soothing signature style layered vocals, evoking images of falling in love under a vast expanse of cosmic oceans. His top debut release "Blue Shimmery Fall" was unofficially deemed as one of the best chill releases of the year by net radio listeners and music critics.

The Ever Expanding Light

Jasper states he doesn't really understand what it is about his sounds that resulted in public reactions like "I could make love all night listening to this soundtrack", "What an amazing sensual vibe!" and "Is it just me or is this guy spreading pheromones?"

"It's fine if people want to listen to my music in their bedroom, but I don't really want to know..." says Jasper in a reaction on the subject. "I hope by the time I release my new album this media circus will have passed". It sure keeps us guessing: is it hype or is there really some musical arousal technique involved? Numerous experiments have noted the relaxation potential of music, but electronica artist Jap Jap just might be an interesting case-study for "the effects of music on physiological arousal: explorations into tempo and genre".

Ready to find out what emotions Jap Jap's relaxing songs will trigger in you? His latest chill track is available as a free download from

With over 17,000 listeners and more than 100,000 plays on UK-based Internet radio & music community website, Jap Jap's relaxing songs are discovered by podcasts and internet radio stations across the world, including and loungeradio. Jap Jap's music was featured on the iPod User magazine cover mount CD and featured on popular online video creation-tool Jasper appeared as a producers' finalist in the most prestigious Dutch competition for undiscovered national artists: the Dutch Big Prize. Jap Jap remixed for Phoenix, Ulrich Schnauss, A Shoreline Dream, Keith Canisius, Dead Leaf Echo & Foals.

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