SSDReady provides Storage Managers with accurate lifetime estimation for Solid State Drives

Cezeo Software, a world leading provider of multi-functional PC and server tools and utilities to improve productivity and efficiency, has developed SSDReady to provide an accurate lifetime estimate for IT & PC managers or company servers´ administrators. Solid State Disks (SSDs) provide ultra-fast access speeds and improved latency, however they have a limited lifespan when it comes to writing data to them. Understanding how long a lifespan an SSD has is vital for reducing redundancy and downtime, increasing productivity and decreasing storage and operating costs.

Online PR News – 26-July-2011 – – A Solid State Disk (SSD) is the most effective way to speed up a PC or a set of company servers. Nothing else provides a faster user experience than adding an SSD; even upgrading the processor does not deliver comparable performance because the ultimate limiting factor is how fast data and files can be read and written to the storage media.

A major drawback with an SSD is the limited lifetime ability to write data and files to it. When this limit is reached, no further file writes can be performed and the SSD becomes a read-only drive. This is a major limitation, which requires companies relying on SSD-fitted PCs to know just how long they have before the SSD reaches its capacity and loses writing functionality.

At last, there is a solution to estimating how long an SSD will last.

SSDReady, developed by Cezeo Software, provides the ability to accurately estimate SSD life. This means companies can plan for drive swap-outs, establish accurate replacement purchasing cycles and ensure there is no loss in business productivity with unforeseen interruption in PC or company server´s functionality.

SSDReady monitors disk writes and builds a picture of the state of the hard drive to estimate the approximate lifetime of the SSD before it actually replaces the hard drive. In addition SSDReady is a constant disk monitoring solution which is capable of managing specialized and general-use PCs, which means that no matter what files are being stored, whatever the variation in data size and frequency, SSDReady is always able to provide a very accurate estimate of the remaining life of the SSD.

SSDReady 1.1 is compatible with Windows XP and Vista and with Microsoft 2003 Server and Server 2008. Free downloadable version of the program is also available at the company´s website.

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