Sundrop Mobile Announces Integration with Survey on the Spot

Sundrop Mobile is pleased to announce its integration with SURVEY ON THE SPOT, allowing Sundrop merchants another great way to register their customers into their Sundrop Mobile Loyalty program.

Online PR News – 22-July-2011 – – Orlando, FL, July 21, 2011 -- Sundrop Mobile is pleased to announce its integration with SURVEY ON THE SPOT, allowing Sundrop merchants another great way to register their customers into their Sundrop Mobile Loyalty program.

The solution is particularly well adapted for table service environments, where consumers can register in well-adapted the restaurant’s loyalty program while filling out a survey right at the table.

Through this integration, Sundrop Mobile Loyalty merchants can now further extend their customer engagement can by not only capturing their customers’ mobile numbers, but also receiving valuable feedback about their visits.

For clients using Sundrop Mobile Loyalty with SURVEY ON THE SPOT, customers can either fill out the survey on their mobile phones or use the tablet device provided by the restaurant. During the survey process, customers are asked to join the loyalty program, and if answered yes, customers will automatically earn the correct number of coloyalty points based on their purchase.

This allows Sundrop Mobile Loyalty merchants to capture new customers for their loyalty program that may not have registered any other way, and also links customer survey responses to loyalty values. On subsequent visits, customers will follow the same process and loyalty points will accrue based on their receipt amounts when they complete the survey again. Additionally, merchants will be able to see their survey response trends over each visit.

Sundrop Mobile President and CEO, Travis Priest says, “This integration allows us to create a natural registration flow for table service customers in environments where it may not be practical or suitable for the server to promote a loyalty program to the custo customer directly. We’re excited to work with SURVEY ON THE SPOT to make it easy for table service customers to easily and discreetly join a card less mobile loyalty solution while also providing card-lessvaluable feedback to the merchant.”

Geoff Palmer, SURVEY ON THE SPOT CEO, says, “We are excited by the benefits this partnership will bring to restaurant operators. The opportunity to partner with a mobile loyalty program like Sundrop's adds value for our customers quickly and easily. The ability to easily link SURVEY ON THE SPOT to the Sundrop mobile loyalty program benefits the consumer and restaurant operator.”

About Sundrop
Sundrop Mobile is a loyalty and mobile marketing solutions provider pioneering the “Social POS.” Sundrop’s “card “card-less” mobile loyalty program uses a consumer’s mobile number as their "loyalty card," and text messaging with email for data collection and communication while seamlessly integrating social media. Sundrop introduces merchants to their customers by helping merchants rapidly build large opt-in customer databases at the point of large, in sale and then enables merchants to market to these customers with targeted SMS text, email, voice, and social media communications while fully measuring the ROI of every campaign. Sundrop Mobile, Inc., 2301 Lucien Way, Ste. 425 Maitland, FL 32751, 866-273-2661,

SURVEY ON THE SPOT enables restaurants and other service focused organizations to capture in-the-moment customer feedback cost effectively. SURVEY ON THE SPOT is ideal for companies in the highly competitive retail and restaurant industry looking to improve customer experience, build brand loyalty and stay at the forefront of technology by utilizing iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and smartphone technology. Businesses can easily customize their branded survey to what their needs are, analyze individual or aggregated surveys, receive service alerts, offer digital coupons and rewards, and build email marketing and loyalty program lists.

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